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We Value Your Learning Above All Else

Too often students leave a training class without an understanding of how to apply what they have learned. Our goal is for you to be able to actualize the skills and tools you learn in the course with the confidence to effectively apply learnings within your organization on a daily basis. We approach everything we do from both a process and a technical standpoint. This allows us to provide quality, robust training while equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in your profession.


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Real Hands-On Experience

What makes the ASPE learning experience stand out is hands-on experience that is immediately applicable to one’s job function.  Our core mission is to develop courses based on the needs and challenges that are relevant and applicable to the specific role of todays professional.  Every course is designed to fill pressing skills gaps so employees are more effective and your company is empowered to gain a critical competitive advantage. Through our leading-edge, expert-led training, our clients achieve swift, hands-on skills development, maximizing the value of their new found knowledge and skills to enable effective problem solving and to efficiently meet business goals.


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Bring Value Back to Your Workplace

When you team with ASPE, you maximize your training investment with the assurance that every course offers tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately.  You get a practical, no-nonsense learning approach with comprehensive materials that enhance the learning experience and become reference material long after the course is complete.  We recognize that business often does not wait for people to get up to speed, so rest assured that every ASPE training participant will leave class ready to hit the ground running. It is a workplace value that matters and has impact.