Business Analysis Skills & Competency Assessment

Get customized evaluation of your Business Analysis methods. If you need skills development, our experts can use the results to give you customized training, coaching, and implementation.

Let's face it, the business world is difficult these days, and companies can differentiate themselves from the competition by developing their business analysts' skills. But how many times have you sent an employee to training to "develop skills" only to have them come back and show minimal change? This is a common problem that our BA Concepts & Skills Assessment sidesteps by ensuring that you get the most value out of your training budget. This assessment benchmarks participants' business analysis skill levels to determine the appropriate next step towards becoming a better business analyst.

The Value of an Assessment

The Assessment measures the knowledge areas, skill levels, and underlying competencies of your employees in order to enhance their career development. The questions were developed to reflect the recommended business analyst's best practices and industry standards set forth by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).

Business Analysis Knowledge Areas analyzed include:

  • Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Solution Assessment & Validation
  • Requirements Management & Communication


Upon completion, participants will be able to own their career progression by using the report results to create a custom development plan. The results will help employees improve their approach to business analysis projects and help managers plan efficiency strategies - both short and long term.

What will I receive?

ASPE utilizes an internet-based assessment tool that can be delivered to anyone with internet access. Our standard assessment is 100 questions, and each participant will automatically receive their own Skill and Competency Assessment Report after completing the assessment. The assessment report includes the individual results along with the organization's group averages to use for comparison. Understanding this information provides the ability to determine the next appropriate training step for each individual.

Help Analyzing the Assessment Results

If analyzing the information is overwhelming, you can work with an ASPE consultant to determine the appropriate next step, which could include training courses specific to an area requiring development, coaching recommendations, or other alternatives based on the business analyst's unique needs.

Post-Training Assessments Benefits

In addition to bench marking your current skill levels and competencies, our assessments are an effective way to analyze the effectiveness of your employee development program. By comparing your scores from before training, and re-assessing them afterwards, you can measure the increased knowledge and skill improvement of your employees.