Google AdWords Skills & Competency Assessment

Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, and predict which training investments make the most sense. We can assess your skills in Google Adwords or develop a custom assessment that meets your organization's specific needs.


Let's face it. The business world is difficult these days. To stand out with marketing, companies and individuals must develop skills and reputations that tap into opportunities for growth and advancement. The knowledge, experience and skills required to master Google AdWords differentiates you from your competition. This mastery of AdWords can help you increase revenue and decrease marketing waste. 

There are three main reasons to take the ASPE-ROI Google AdWords Skills & Competency Assessment:

  • You are preparing for one of the the Google AdWords exams for certification and want to know if you’re ready
  • You are hiring an employee, contractor or company to manage your AdWords account
  • You are gauging your current employees’ skills and evaluating their strengths and areas of improvement

Value of assessment before taking Google AdWords exams

Becoming a Google AdWords Certified Partner or Qualified Individual is not easy. There is a wide variety of questions with diverse skills and competencies. Like many other accreditation bodies, Google has adopted the question format requiring the best possible answer, meaning that there may be several correct answers and you have to choose the best. This leads much open for interpretation, and many answers wouldn’t be what you considered the common sense answer, no matter how much experience in AdWords you may have.

Google has also increased the breadth of topics covered on the Foundation Exam, and requires a passing rate of 85%. Our Google AdWords Skills Assessment will tell you your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to study better, and be prepared for passing the fundamental and advanced exams.


Value of assessment before hiring someone to manage your company’s Google AdWords accounts

Investing marketing dollars in Google AdWords is significant. If your company is new to the world of AdWords, you may not know the right questions to ask a person (or company) who will be managing your Google AdWords account. There are many people who say they are AdWords experts, but unless they have a certification, there is no way to be sure.

If a person doesn’t know what they are doing in AdWords, they can lose your company money, fast. How can you make sure they are skilled in AdWords and are a good investment? Have them take the ASPE-ROI AdWords Skills and Competency Assessment. Once you see tangible results, you will know what level of AdWords experience they have.


Value of assessment to gauge your current employees’ strengths and areas of improvement

Many times career and skills development and advancement are overlooked or taken for granted. An assessment can be a great tool to evaluate and incorporate training and advancement paths within an organization. Determining the appropriate next step for your organization is important, and benchmarking your current competency levels to those that will evolve in the future is necessary to track improvement.

What the ASPE-ROI Skills Assessment will tell you

Our 100-question assessment contains a similar topic and skill level spectrum of that required to pass the Google Advertising Foundation Exam as well as the advanced exams on search and display advertising. It also has questions that mimic the “best correct answer” style that the Google exams use. The assessment breaks down questions in categories based on account setup, keywords, campaigns, bidding & budgeting and reporting. It will assess your skill level and knowledge areas, allowing you to determine how well you know Google AdWords, and in what areas you need improvement.

The ASPE-ROI Google AdWords Skills & Competency Assessment will let you know:

  • If you are ready to take the Google Advertising Foundation Exam
  • If you are ready to take the Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam or Display Advertising Exam
  • The level of skill which a candidate or employee has for managing AdWords accounts

ASPE-ROI utilizes an internet-based assessment tool that can be delivered to anyone with internet access. After taking the assessment, an individual will receive their Google AdWords Skills and Competency Assessment Report. This report includes the individual results. If you are having a group of individuals complete the assessment, it can also give a comparison and average of that group of assessment takers.