SharePoint Power User and Site Owner Certificate


Often described as the “swiss army knife” of collaboration software, SharePoint’s wide range of SharePointcapabilities have proven to be invaluable to many enterprises.  The Power User Certificate offers non-server administrators the opportunity to master critical power user skills to guarantee a successful SharePoint adoption. This increases your value to the business and improves processes and collaboration among development and delivery teams. 

  • The SharePoint Power User's Certificate Program provides individuals the necessary SharePoint skills to apply to their specific business application. 
  • Valuable training for Site Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and others related roles with day-to-day SharePoint responsibilities.
  • This certificate guarantees that employees have learned and can demonstrate the core concepts of SharePoint.
  • Provides managers with a competency level for which to compare and measure SharePoint knowledge among other team members. 
  • Provides the necessary knowledge for increasing collaboration and for effective planning and throughout the deployment stages of SharePoint. 
  • Proves to management, prospective employers and colleagues that certified professionals are at the top of their industry with SharePoint knowledge and skills.

Earn your SharePoint Power User Certificate by attending SharePoint Site Owner and Power User Boot Camp.

The SharePoint Institute is an organization dedicated to the advancement of SharePoint Sharepoint Instituteprofessionals by providing immediately applicable training with business application certifications. All courses has been reviewed and approved by the SharePoint Institute and is an approved training course for the SharePoint End User Certificate. 

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