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In the past few years, electronic marketing has appeared like a fast moving freight train. Suddenly traditional marketing theory and practices no longer paint a complete picture. To maintain a competitive edge and strong profitability in this difficult economy, it's essential to have electronic marketing departments working hand-in-hand with traditional marketing activities. If not, you are missing sales, opportunities, and potential for growth in a sophisticated, rapidly changing, electronically savvy world. It's that simple.

Call it digital marketing, Internet marketing, online marketing, or electronic marketing – companies must embrace the technology and become active participants or face the consequences. This two-day internet marketing course gets you thoroughly up-to-speed in easy to understand terms. Leave class knowing what the technology can do, what will work best for your organization, and how to get the ball rolling. It can seem daunting if all you've known is traditional marketing, but you're not alone. In this internet marketing course, an expert instructor will coach you on the available platforms, how they work, and how you'll measure your sales results. Learn how SEO and other components seamlessly blend to give the best return on your marketing dollars. Most importantly, leave with a list of clear, action-oriented steps to create your structured electronic marketing department.

Using Social Media
Blogger Outreach
Creating a Content Strategy
Geo-Location Based Marketing
How to Identify Your Online Footprint
Search Marketing: SEO & SEM
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Course Outline

I. Identify Your Online Footprint

  • Product/Services Definition and Validation (online)
  • Your Online Target Audience: Is it different?
  • Geographic Segmentation: GEO vs. Nationwide
  • Previous and Current Internet Marketing
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • PPC Research and Analysis
  • Seasonal Keywords and Trends
  • Competition Research (online)
    • Domain Age
    • Page Rank
    • Pages Indexed
    • Inbound Links
    • Onsite SEO
    • Social Blueprint
  • Design and Usability (onsite)
  • Possible Programming Issues
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Structure and Layout
  • Call-to-Action Overview
  • Social Media Engagement Strategy
  • Online Reputation Management Analysis
  • Tools and Resources

Demo: Keyword Research Using Peer Feedback & Collaboration

II. Websites: You're Open 24/7

  • What Does Your Website Really Say?
  • Eye Path Strategy, and How a User Sees You
  • Design: Really that Important These Days?
  • What's the Main Goal of Your Site?
  • Your True Target Audience and How to Reach Them
  • Measuring Performance
  • Driving Traffic
  • How Landing Pages Affect Your Strategy
  • What Should Your Site Architecture Look Like?
  • Aligning Your Offsite and Online Marketing Goals
  • Differentiating Yourself and Your Content
  • Tools and Resources

Demo: A Live, In-Class Website Audit

III. Content Strategies: How to Keep Your Customers Engaged

  • Video
    • Flip Cam vs Professional, and When to Use Each
    • Video Series vs One-Offs
    • Shooting at Events
    • Creating a 'Voice'
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
    • What Platform to Use
    • Who in Your Company Should Do This?
    • The SEO Value
    • Tips and Tricks
  • Guest Blogging
  • Podcasts
  • User Generated Content
    • How to Get People to Create Content For You
    • Specials and Giveaways
    • Industries Where it Works and Where it Doesn't
  • Tools and Resources

IV. Social Media Marketing

  • What Is It, and Who Is It For?
  • Defining Your Relationship With Your Audience
  • What Are the Best Tactics to Use?
  • Finding Relevant Conversations Online
  • How Do You Measure It Effectively?
  • Where Do I Start?
  • How Do I Manage the Social Balance?
  • How Do I Find and Focus My Target Efforts?
  • How Much Time Does It Really Take?
  • Why It Is Vital for Your Company
  • Integrating Social Media & Current Marketing Plans
  • How Do I Get My Organization to Embrace It?
  • What Does the Future Look Like?
  • LinkedIn
    • How to Use It Effectively
    • How to Use the Advertising Component
    • How Much Time Should I Spend Each Day?
    • Tools and Resources
  • Facebook
    • Turning It Into a Marketing Tool
    • Creating a Culture/Community
    • Tools and Tips
  • Twitter
    • Integration With Your Marketing Plan
    • Segmenting Your Audience
    • How to Engage With Potential Customers
    • Tools and Resources
  • Geo Location
    • What Is It?
    • Turning It Into a Marketing Tool
    • Tools and Resources

Demo: Peer social media brainstorming! Develop unique, creative marketing ideas just for you & your company.

V. Search Engine Optimization

  • The Psychology of Search, and How People Search
  • Major Players, and Where to Focus Your Energy
  • What the Search Engines Are Really Looking For
  • Keyword Strategies
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Page Layout, and Information Architecture
  • Onsite vs Offsite: What and Why
  • White Hat vs. Gray Hat vs. Black Hat
  • Tools and Resources

VI. Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

  • Why Many PPC Campaigns Fail
  • Marketing Segmentation
  • Controls vs. Creatives, Even In PPC
  • How Much Should I Spend Each Day?
  • Keyword Research
    • Traditional Keyword Tools
    • Competitor Keyword Spying Tools
  • Ad Campaigns and Ad Groups
    • Brand vs. Non-Brand Keywords
    • Long Tail Keywords
    • Seasonal Keywords
    • AdWords Desktop Editor
  • Match Types
    • Exact vs. Phrase vs. Broad
    • Using Negative Keywords
  • Syndication Strategy
    • Google Only Until You Get Feedback
    • Using the Content Network and Search
    • Geotargeting
  • Ad Copy
    • Writing Better Ads
    • What Sells the Click
    • Quality Scores
    • Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • Bid Strategy
    • Managing the Bid Strategy
    • Bid on Return Rather Than Position
  • Analytics and Conversions
    • Data Collection For Conclusions
    • The Lifetime Value of a Customer
    • Split Test Ad Copy
  • Tools and Resources

Demo: Using Competitor Keyword Research Tools to Harvest Traffic

VII. Conversion Optimization

  • If You Aren't Converting, Why Bother?
  • Controls vs. Creatives
  • A/B Testing Do's and Don'ts
  • Multi-Variate Testing – Is It For You?
  • Tools and Resources

Demo: A Toolbox of Proven Elements To Boost Conversion

VIII. Measurements and Analytics

  • Measure vs. Monitor
  • Free Tools vs. Paid Tools
  • Google Analytics
    • Configurations
    • Terminology
    • Reporting
    • Social Integration
    • SEM Integration
    • SEO Integration
    • Display Advertising Integration
  • Other Measuring Tools and Resources

Demo: Analytics Report Assessments: Finding Actionable Data

Who should attend
  • Marketers
  • Agency Executives
  • Directors
  • Communication Specialists
  • Individuals seeking to break into online marketing.