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Office 365 Administrator Boot Camp

3 Days Classroom Session   |  
3 Days Live Online
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Professional Credits


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NASBA continuing professional education credits (CPE) assist Certified Public Accountants in reaching their continuing education requirements.

This course offers 25.00 NASBA CPEs.


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This course offers:
    21.00 PMP/PgMP Technical PDUs


In this intense three-day boot camp, you will learn how to deploy and manage Office 365 end-to-end!  Students will understand how to build out Office 365 starting with a new tenant account and configure all Office 365 features from Exchange email and SharePoint sites to security and Skype.  We’ll show everything you need to know to help plan for your deployment. 

This class covers licensing options and requirements of your organizations and client machines, DNS settings, and other setup activities.  We’ll look at provisioning new users, the various license types, and how to manage users on an on-going basis.  We’ll also look at Office Professional deployment, various service settings, and using PowerShell to help manage and automate administration tasks. 

We cover Exchange, SharePoint, Skype, monitoring and reporting capabilities, and all other service settings.

Students will also learn how to migrate existing users and content to Office 365 – including email accounts, user accounts, SharePoint sites and documents. 

Benefits of attending this course include:

  • Jump-start your move to the cloud with expert guidance!
  • Learn best practices for using and configuring Office 365
  • Avoid pitfalls and develop a successful roll-out strategy
  • Configure Office 365 to best meet your organizations needs
  • Understand how to scale and grow your organization with Office 365
  • Be able to monitor and manage security of your users and mobile devices
  • Learn how to troubleshoot common issues
  • Integrate your on-premise directory with Azure Active Directory
  • Help your users effectively use SharePoint, Office Groups, Planner and more!
  • Gain the knowledge needed to provide complete support for all facets of Office 365
  • Learn how to escalate issues to Microsoft and monitor support tickets

In this course, you will learn to:

Setup a new Office 365 tenant
Configure all settings and policies within Office 365
Setup users and security
Configure Exchange Online options
Configure SharePoint site collections
Plan your roll-out strategy
Configure Skype for Business
Migrate users and content to Office 365
Manage reports and monitor service health and usage
Upcoming Dates and Locations
All Live Online times are listed in Eastern Time Guaranteed To Run
Oct 10, 2018 – Oct 12, 2018    8:30am – 4:30pm Live Online Register
Oct 10, 2018 – Oct 12, 2018    8:30am – 4:30pm Atlanta, Georgia

Microtek Atlanta
1000 Abernathy Rd. NE Ste 194
Northpark Bldg 400
Atlanta, GA 30328
United States

Dec 10, 2018 – Dec 12, 2018    8:30am – 4:30pm Phoenix, Arizona

Dynamic Worldwide
4500 S. Lakeshore Dr
Suite 600
Tempe, AZ 85282
United States

Dec 10, 2018 – Dec 12, 2018    10:30am – 6:30pm Live Online Register
Course Outline
  1. Introduction to Office 365 Features
    1. What is Office 365
    2. The “Periodic Table” of Office 365
  2. Complete Guide to Licensing Options
    1. Business versus Enterprise
    2. Office 365 Options
    3. Microsoft 365 Licenses
    4. Add-Ons
  3. Setting up your Tenant
    1. Tenant Creations
    2. Domains and DNS
    3. Turning Features on and off
    4. Establishing Admin Responsibilities
    5. Security
    6. Network Infrastructure
    7. Developing an Roadmap
  4. Migration Options
    1. Migrating Content
    2. Migration Tools
  5. Getting Started with Office 365
    1. Using Delve
    2. Installing Office Pro
    3. Customizing the Launcher
  6. Using the Administration Portal
    1. Walk-Thru of all Admin Features
    2. Customizing the interface globally
  7. Managing Users
    1. Add, Edit, Delete, and Recover Users
  8. Compliance and Security Center
    1. Security and Compliance Center
    2. Data Loss Prevention, Archiving, Retention
    3. Device Management
  9. Exchange Online Administration
    1. Managing Mailboxes
    2. Securing your emails and guarding against threats
    3. Configuring organization policies
    4. Mobile Access
  10. PowerShell Management
    1. Using Azure AD Powershell
    2. Using Powershell to Administer Office 365
    3. Using Powershell to administer SharePoint Online
  11. SharePoint Administration
    1. Site Collections
    2. Term Store / Managed Metadata
    3. Sharing Options for External Users
    4. Settings
  12. SharePoint Sites
    1. Navigation
    2. Creating Sites
    3. Customizing Sites, Pages, and WebParts
    4. Managing Documents
    5. Site Security
  13. Office 365 Groups
    1. Understanding group features
    2. Creating and Managing Groups
  14. OneDrive for Business
    1. Setting and using OneDrive
    2. Using OneDrive Sync
    3. Configuring OneDrive quotas
  15. OneNote
    1. Setup and use OneNote with SharePoint Online
  16. Microsoft Forms
    1. Overview
    2. Creating and managing forms
  17. Microsoft Planner           
    1. Overview
    2. Setting up and managing Planner plans
    3. Permissions
  18. Microsoft To-Do
    1. Overview
    2. Setting up and syncing to-do with Outlook
  19. Microsoft Teams
    1. Overview
    2. Creating Teams and Channels
    3. Securing your team
    4. Conferencing Features
    5. Customizing your Team
  20. Microsoft Stream
    1. Overview
    2. Configuring and using Video with Stream
  21. Microsoft Sway
    1. Overview
    2. Creating a new Sway presentation
  22. Microsoft Whiteboard
    1. Using and sharing whiteboards
  23. Yammer
    1. Overview
    2. Setting up Yammer
    3. Driving adoption and participation
    4. Permissions and configuration
  24. Summary



  • Getting Started
    • Logging In
    • Setting up Your Profile & Using Delve
    • Installing Office Professional       
    • Customizing the Launcher
  • Admin Portal
    • Setting up External access
    • Customizing overall theme
  • Managing Users
    • Add a user
    • Edit a user
  • Security and Compliance
    • Setup a DLP Rule
    • Setup an Alert
    • View Reports
  • Exchange Online
    • Setup a Shared mailbox
    • Whitelist a domain
    • Setup mobile policies
  • Powershell
    • Get a List of Users
    • Get a List SharePoint Sites
    • Provision a new Site
    • Get List of Groups
    • Add a user to a Group
    • Restricting Group Creation
    • Increase OneDrive Quote
  • SharePoint Admin
    • Create a Site Collection
    • Setup Sharing Options
  • SharePoint
    • Navigating SharePoint Landing Page
    • Creating a Team Site
    • Change the Look of Your Site
    • Customizing the Navigation
    • Keep Your Team Updated with News
    • Adding Pages
    • Using WebParts
    • Managing Documents
    • Syncing Documents Locally
    • Setup an alert
    • Adding SharePoint Apps
    • Using the SharePoint Store
    • Creating SharePoint Custom List 
    • Sharing Sites & Permissions          
  • Office 365 Groups
    • Navigating a Group         
    • Edit Group Settings
    • Create a Group
  • OneDrive for Business
    • Using OneDrive
    • Syncing OneDrive
    • OneDrive for Mobile
  • OneNote Online
    • Using OneNote 
  • Microsoft Forms              
    • Create a new form          
    • Use branching in forms  
    • Adjust form settings        
    • Collect Responses           
    • View form results            
  • Microsoft Planner           
    • Setting up a new Plan     
    • Set and update task progress       
    • View your plans' progress             
    • Use Planner for Mobile  
  • Microsoft To-Do              
    • Using ToDo
  • Microsoft Teams             
    • Using Team Chat
    • Setting up Teams and Channels
    • Setting up Bots
  • Microsoft Stream
    • Using Stream for Videos
  • Yammer
    • Using Yammer
Who should attend
  • IT Professionals
  • Operations Managers
  • Office 365 Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Support Team
  • Personnel tasked with configuring and rolling out or supporting Office 365 at your organization.

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