ASPE Skills and Competency Assessments

Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, and predict which training investments make the most sense.

We've built assessments to instantly provide a 360 report that provides guidance for individual or organizational development. An ASPE assessment accurately analyzes Business Analysis, Project Management, and Agile skills and benchmarks knowledge areas, skill levels and underlying competencies. Assessments pinpoint skills gaps and help map career development. Measuring formal knowledge levels allow you to identify how training dollars are best spent. Our assessments are delivered via the web with full user privacy and can be taken by individuals or entire companies.

Assessments Currently Available:


Cape Fear PartnersTTI Success Insights Professional Assessment Tool from Cape Fear Partners: 

ASPE leverages the powerful TTI Success Insights individual assessments to provide incredible insights into your staff.  Help understand your people, their motivations and how to get the highest return from any individual.  Additional services include group (or team) reports, detailed analytics reports for management, debriefs to management and/or all staff on the findings and recommended actions, and finally, personal development sessions for individuals on identified areas for improvement.

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Agile Assessments: From Individual Skills to Enterprise Evaluation

We offer several solutions to assess your organization's Agile capabilities. The first is the individual Agile Skills and Competency Assessment. This online service analyzes practitioner knowledge of Agile fundamentals, methodologies, teams, planning levels, communication, user stories, prioritization, estimation, quality, metrics, and retrospectives. Individuals receive a detailed report depicting baseline scores in each area. Results are linked to our Agile Curriculum, so assessment results provide a roadmap for training and development. We also offer in-depth organizational assessments, in which a seasoned Agile expert visits your organization and works closely with you for several days to provide deep visibility into the state of your Agile practice.

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Help Analyzing Assessment Results

If analyzing assessment data and information is overwhelming, an ASPE consultant can work with you to assist with determining the appropriate next steps, which could include training courses, coaching recommendations, or other alternative developmental programs based on your unique needs.

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