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Scott Clark

ASPE’s Scott Clark has more than 15 years of experience working in information systems and information technology. He has worked in fields involving health care, finance and business, and has held positions involving systems administration, consulting, marketing and sales.

Scott has trained hundreds of students in his many years of training with ASPE-IT. He teaches a majority of the classes from the ASPE-IT SharePoint curriculum including the Site Owners and Power Users, Project Management, Administration, Business Process Automation and Business Intelligence courses. Scott prides himself on being able to provide one-on-one attention to his students and making classes enjoyable and relaxed. He works hard to ensure that his students gain the knowledge they need to help solve their real world problems after class, and makes himself available to students after class should they have follow up questions when applying their newly gained knowledge in their own SharePoint environments.

Scott works hard to make sure the training environment is a relaxed setting, and a setting in which it is easy to learn. He often spends extra time outside of class working with students one on one to cover items more in depth, or to review items they are interested in that may not be covered in the courseware. His goal for the classes he teaches is for students to both enjoy the training and gain knowledge that they will be able to put to use in their own environments.

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