Scott Duncan

Scott Duncan

Name: Scott Duncan

Primary Expertise: Agile/Scrum Coaching

Education/Credentials: Bachelor of Arts in English and Master of Arts in English Literature from Temple University.

- Certified ScrumMaster


Notable Clients & Employers:



Scott Duncan


Scott is the Lead Coach & Trainer at Agile Software Qualities. Scott also works as a Software Quality Professional Resource Editor for ASQ. He has extensive experience as an Agile Coach, including working as a coach to over 130 Scrum teams across 10 countries for a major software company. Scott has also served on the Scrum Alliance Board of Directors.

Scott worked 14 years at Bell Labs/Bellcore, 7 years in credit card transaction processing, 4.5 years in commercial (mainframe) software development, 4.5 years in CAD/construction/management software for processing & power plants and marine stuctures (e.g., ships, off-shore platforms), plus shorter periods (1-3 years) in publishing, state government, and agricultural products

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