Mission to Mars: Increasing Engagement Throughout Your Agile Teams

ASPE TrainingThu, 05/11/2017 - 16:46

In a world of instant gratification and constantly evolving technology and information, it can be difficult to engage your employees in training. More and more employees, particularly millennials, attend training with the expectation of being entertained or engaged on multiple levels.

With this changing environment for learning, how do we overcome the challenge of balancing informative material with engaging lessons?

Serious games are one of the methods ASPE has adopted to mitigate the stigma of training. Beginning with games developed for the military, serious games have grown exponentially over recent years and are increasingly being used in academia.

ASPE Training students can now partake in an Agile game day experience playing Mission to Mars: An Agile Adventure – giving them hands-on practice running an effective Agile team. Designed to reinforce Agile principles and strengthen collaboration, this new game makes implementing Agile fun while tying in important training lessons.  

So, what benefits do students get from playing Mission to Mars?

  • Hands-on experience collaborating as a team
  • Practice estimating story points
  • Understanding of the importance of influence and how to gain it in an organization
  • Practice prioritizing backlog items
  • Much more!
Agile Gameboard


To learn more about Mission to Mars: An Agile Adventure and where to play the game, click here.