New Course: Big Data Fundamentals

ASPE TrainingMon, 04/03/2017 - 14:38

Many professionals in the project, product, and IT industries are looking to utilize big data services, but are unsure where to begin because they lack literacy on the topic. If this sounds like you, Techtown has a new course that will bring you up to speed.

Our new course, Big Data Fundamentals, is a survey of big data. You will learn the essentials of big data, including, the landscape, the technology behind it, business drivers and strategic possibilities. No prior knowledge of Apache Hadoop or big data management is required to take this course. 

Some potential benefits of taking this course include:

  • Discovering customer insights buried in your existing data
  • Uncovering product opportunities from data insights
  • Pinpointing decision points and criteria
  • Scaling your existing workflows and operations
  • Learning to ask questions that drive tangible business value from Big Data tools

 Learn more about this course by clicking here.