New Course: Business Agility Foundation

ASPE TrainingWed, 04/05/2017 - 10:03

In today’s perpetually changing business world, being able to adapt to market and environmental changes is essential to meeting customer demands. Our traditional tried and proven methods do not always let us respond to these conditions at a rapid pace. To meet these demands, successful companies adopt the practices of Business Agility.

Business Agility is about responding to change, rapidly adapting to demands, being cost-effective, and delivering value. Our traditional methods often create blind spots to different ways to reach our business goals. Working in an agile manner changes the way we work and the way we work together.

Our new course, Business Agility Foundation, gives you the much-needed skills to help you on your path to business agility.

Some benefits of taking this course include:

  • Understand How to Identify Value
  • Techniques to Better Understand Customers
  • Understand the Dynamics of Change, Systemic Problems, and Disruptive Threats
  • Polarity Management
  • Apply New Ways of Thinking such as Lean Systems Think and Design Thinking

 Learn more about this course by clicking here.