Self-Organizing to Complete the Iteration Goal – Getting the Jeep out of the mud

Mark ArntzWed, 05/16/2018 - 12:57

July 9, 2013: My wife made the following post on facebook describing my weekend (my small edits are in brackets):

“This weekend: Jeep goes where it shouldn't have looking for alternative trail for Youth Trek; pouring rain for 11 days creates tons of mud; Jeep doesn't get all the way over log; Mark starts walking; Mark can't cross river; Mark finds logs over river and shimmies across;

Mark's Jeep
This is a Jeep like my Jeep – my Jeep doesn’t have tinted windows

Mark walks 5 miles through forest, follows horse cookies to lonely highway; Finds a house and yells for help; has very scared woman make calls for him; [a friend, Gary] rescues him and brings him home.

Next day, 10am: [another friend Ivan] takes him and chain saw to stuck Jeep [and meets Gary and his son in-law, Jay]; Mark forgets keys to Jeep; [wife] Janis drives 1 hr. to get keys to Mark; passes waving armed Mark; Mark has to catch up to Janis; log cut and removed from under Jeep; Jeep stuck in mud and rocks now; another Jeep [with Mike and Aaron] comes to help and its starter breaks ($) [and is now stuck];

yet another Jeep [Jay’s] loses piece of front [suspension assembly] ($); another Jeep stuck; wrecker (KY word for tow truck) comes ($), can't get to all the Jeeps; chains, cables etc. linked together; a cable snaps and hook end gets stuck in tree high above; wrecker pulls Jeeps up hill one by one; Mark home at 2am Sunday; Jeep ok minus back rt bumper and 10 coats of mud inside and out; Church Mtg at 8am; day full of meetings; Mark home at 4:30pm. Got all that? Now go poke Mark! :D (Can you believe every man out there claims to have had a wonderful time?)”

This was a great example of a self-organizing team.  In the end the Iteration goal was met.  Every member of the team did everything in his power to conquer the goal.  No impediment was too big.  Any person that was outside of the base team that could help with the goal was enlisted to help.  They then became part of the team.  I was not as helpful since I don’t have the aptitude of an auto mechanic, but I did what I could to help.  Another Jeep not mentioned above came with Jason and he just brought oatmeal cream pies, Mountain Dew, chips but never got stuck.  It was like a Jeep convention with 5 Jeeps and one wrecker on the mountain.  Eight men, in all, came to my rescue and seemed to love every minute of the ‘Iteration’.

I was not as helpful since I don’t have the aptitude of an auto mechanic, but I did what I could to help.