An Introduction to DevOps for Non-Engineers


Designed for a business audience without a deep familiarity with DevOps and its practical aspects, this presentation is a fast-paced 30,000-foot tour of many of the goals, principles, technologies, and professional trends that have come to be associated with the DevOps movement. Whether you are inside or outside of your organization’s IT department, it’s a safe bet that your work, your projects, and your success are heavily dependent upon technology capability. It starts with the most basic definitions of DevOps and move to examples of large, mature organizations who transformed complex patterns of technology work to faster, more modern DevOps practices. Along the way you’ll be exposed to examples of the many tools and automated processes which enable DevOps, and you’ll be asked to examine the single most important DevOps enabler which will determine your success: your own organization’s culture and willingness to experiment, grow and improve.

Presenter: Chris Knotts

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