Defining Value for Economic Decision Frameworks

Everybody talks about “value.” Adding value, creating value, doing what’s most valuable. But value can be a relativistic concept that's hard to define. One of the most significant shortcomings of the typical enterprise is the lack of an economic framework for making decisions about value that consistently result in good investments when it comes to prioritization, resource planning, and project outcomes. At the same time, frameworks need to be lightweight so they doesn't consume a lot of front-end project time and planning – another frequent challenge.

There's often not much consistent process around how the enterprise defines and makes decisions about value. Sometimes there's too much upfront study and estimation; sometimes not enough. Other times decisions are driven by the HiPPO (highest paid person's opinion). In this presentation, Chris will discuss some of the recent frameworks that have emerged which directly address the definition of value as a fundamental factor in your economic decision-making process. This web seminar touches on trends like SAFe, DevOps, Lean product flow, and their value-driven common denominators.

Presenter: Chris Knotts

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