Intro to Business Value Analysis

Agile is a great way to build solutions, products or software in a way to reduce waste, connect to needs, and protect you from risk. But you still have to understand what to build. A number of Agile teams are learning the hard way that their real value isn’t in following the science of the agile practices. It is about picking the right things to build for the right reasons. Without a strong Product Owner, agile teams can start providing output that misses needs or opportunities in much the same ways as waterfall projects. Business Value Analysis looks at the way teams make decisions on what to build next. Usually this responsibility was left to the project sponsors (executives in the company) but the speed of change and the complexities of work systems are changing how decision on “what” is made. This web seminar provides SDLC professionals with a first step in to understanding the very esoteric concept of Value. It can mean many different things based on someone prospective or position, but this session will provide tangible ways to assess value and who critical thinking skills are used to support the decision process. On top of that, this session will discuss how to look at business direction and connect it with the work you are planning to do. Understanding this critical topic is the key to long term agile success, especially at the program and portfolio level.

Presenter: David Mantica

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