The Scientific Approach to Succession Planning

Succession Planning—taught properly—may be the most important course ever taught. Having a concrete hiring and succession planning program in place is the only way to ever know that your people are focused on the activities, goals and business drivers that bring in revenue and increase profits.

However, too many “succession planning” brain storming sessions have an overload of puff pastry, and not enough focus on process.

You may have seen the classic “Succession Planning” matrix before. It is composed of 3 x 3 boxes, with the x axis rating employee performance from low to high and the Y axis rating employee potential from low to high. This graphic is useful for discussion purposes, but as you begin to closely examine it, it creates hundreds of questions that few people have answers for.

You are Scratching Your Head When…

  1. You look at the matrix and wonder how you hired low potential, low performers in the first place.
  2. Then you start to wonder how you even hired medium potential or medium performers in the first place.
  3. You wonder how they got in the door.
  4. You ask people if they know the traits and skills that distinguish high performers from low performers. They tell you they don’t know.
  5. You realize you are in real trouble and this matrix is not going to help you.
  6. You ask if there is a knowledge transfer system in place to capture the knowledge of high performers before they leave and they say no. You start to freak out.

Don’t Worry: Be Agile!

Hey, calm down! At ASPE, we have seen the trays of puff pastry too. But we know the answer! It is called PROCESS. By the time you leave this webinar you will know:

  1. How to hire high performers in the first place.
  2. How to benchmark every single job in your company not just the “critical roles.”
  3. How to figure out what people like to do and are good at.
  4. How to put them in a job doing what they are good at so they can improve your revenue and profits.
  5. How to find out where they need training and development so their “succession planning” career path makes sense and will actually happen.

All the process is supplied for this webinar. You will have to supply your own puff pastry.

Presenter: David Snyder

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