Testing in an Agile Environment

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Seminar Description:

The Testing in an Agile Environment webinar provides insights into the Tester’s role on Agile projects. Often, the Tester role is not clearly defined or understood. This is especially true for teams transitioning from traditional methods. Webinar attendees gained an understanding of the Tester’s role on the Agile project along with the quality responsibilities of the entire team. The Tester’s role is not a defined role in Agile development. The “Team” is considered to be “generalists”, with cross-functional skills. The Tester brings special skills and a unique perspective to the project. The Agile environment changes our traditional ways of testing. Many of those techniques still apply and Agile has introduced new testing strategies and methods. Participants gained an understanding of the value that the Tester brings throughout the Agile cycle and the whole team’s responsibility for quality.

Topics covered:

  • How the Tester’s role changes
  • The Tester’s role in the Agile framework
  • Strategies to apply to testing

Presenter: Robert Tyson

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