Your People are NOT Engaged: Simple Tips for Bringing Your Organization to Life

Many companies fail to meet their full potential for one simple reason: many of their employees are not “engaged” in their work. Studies show that the vast majority of employees are either not engaged in their work or “actively disengaged.” 

The number one job of any leader is to make sure that employees are excited about their work, feel engaged in their work and are receiving the guidance they need to make the most of their talents, passions and skills. If team members are receiving this guidance from their leaders, they will help to significantly improve the performance of the company and create a more productive atmosphere. 

However, improving engagement means more than handing out a simple survey. It is essential to find out why employees feel disengaged and how they can become engaged through stronger and more interactive leadership. 

In this powerful webinar, David Snyder, a critically acclaimed leadership author and ASPE’s Senior Leadership Consultant, will cover these important topics: 

  • The top reasons employees are not engaged on the job. 
  • The main reason managers fail to detect the real reasons for job apathy. 
  • How to work with team members in every department to discover their core skills. 
  • How to create a culture where “project management is for everyone.” 
  • How to unleash a new level of enthusiasm and accountability on teams. 
  • Simple strategies to coach and mentor so that performance improvement becomes a passion. 
  • The most important things all leaders must do to make their people feel valued and motivated. 


Presenter: David Snyder​

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