The Art of Constructive Conflict

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

12:00 pm EDT  |  11:00 am CDT  |  10:00 am MDT  |  9:00 am PDT

In a workplace where Agile Leadership is both the mantra and the overarching style of management, one should never fear the idea of “conflict.”

In fact, in an environment where Agile Leadership defines the culture and business operations practices, “conflict” is considered good and is never viewed in a negative light—conflict, by definition, simply refers to honest, respectful discussions on better ways to approach a situation, where the goal is to reach consensus and produce the best possible product.

But, there is this caveat: in an atmosphere of Agile Leadership, people act and think like scientists—and emotion is excluded from the conversation. That is the huge difference between explosive, emotional, destructive, child-like conflict and scientific conflict, which attempts to determine best practices and best paths to success.

This webinar will discuss what conflict is, how Agile Leaders should deal with conflict, and how to engage in scientific and productive conflict.

Presenter: David Snyder

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