Introduction to Site Navigation in SharePoint 2016

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

1:00 pm EST  |  12:00 pm CST  |  11:00 am MST  |  10:00 am PST

Site navigation is the sets of controls and links in your site collections, sites and pages that help orient users to where they are and help them easily get to other relevant locations. Proper site navigation is critical for adoption and great SharePoint experiences. For example, you can configure site navigation to help users get to other sites in the site collection or you can configure it so that the top navigation and the vertical navigation controls are dynamically generated based on context of what the user is looking at. A well-planned site navigation strategy makes SharePoint Server sites are easier to use.

We will cover:

  • Navigation Controls Overview
  • Common Navigation Controls
  • Navigation Web Parts
  • Search-driven Sites

Presenter: Tom Robbins

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