Mapping “Projectized” Work to DevOps-style Workflows

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

12:00 pm EDT  |  11:00 am CDT  |  10:00 am MDT  |  9:00 am PDT

At heart, much project management work is predicated upon large endeavors broken into logical plans and sequential steps, followed by close management of material, budget, scope and schedule.

However, there is a shift underway as project management needs are increasingly associated with IT and software delivery. Software -- and the teams and processes which deliver it -- possesses unique characteristics that sometimes run counter to many established project management principles. when it comes to software projects, there is a significant trend in enterprise IT departments to embrace shorter, more incremental cycles of work. Schools of thought from the Agile, Lean and DevOps camps all promote these fast, small cycles - in some cases "projectizing" work at the task level which immediately gets merged with a larger system.

Although finite, time-boxed work is a familiar project management concept, there are tensions between the coveted speed to delivery of DevOps and Continuous Delivery style IT environments and the need for project management practices which enable sophisticated system engineering. This presentation examines some of those tensions while also providing a broad introduction to the DevOps movement.

Presenter: Chris Knotts

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