Selling Agile Transformation to Upper Management


Monday, October 15th, 2018

1:00 pm EST  |  12:00 pm CST  |  11:00 am MST  |  10:00 am PST

For those of us working with an Agile fashion, the benefits are obvious. We have already gone through the transition from traditional project management methods to Agile and have adapted the Agile mindset. But....not all of our stakeholders are in the same place. It's possible you've come to a new organization that is ready for the transformation to Agile. If we want our organizations to further adopt Agile, we are going to have to persuade decision makers and those with authority that it's the best way to work.

In this webinar, Michael will cover:

  • The challenges of building software products
  • History of projects and software
  • Agile basics, flavors, and core concepts
  • Agile transformation pitfalls
  • Approaching Leaders
  • Road map to Success