We are Hiring! LMS Developer


Title: LMS Developer (Matrix)

Job Type: Contract

ASPE Training – Cary, North Carolina



  • Proven experience writing high-quality, well-structured PHP code
  • Experience working with APIs, specifically Salesforce and Matrix LMS
  • Good communication skills and ability to explain your plan for implementation
  • Experience developing for Salesforce using Apex code is a plus



We need a bi-directional sync built between two of our systems, Salesforce and Matrix LMS. This sync will be written in PHP, so experience writing well-structured, documented PHP is a must. Both systems have well-documented open APIs and PHP clients available for you to work from. We have 3 objects which will need data synced both ways between Salesforce and Matrix, and 2 objects which will only need their data synced from Salesforce into Matrix. The quantity of data is currently not very large, with an average of about 1000 records needing to be transferred daily. That said, the sync should still be built with best practices in mind so that it will be capable of handling larger amounts if necessary. We may also need to make changes to the data synced in the future so your code should be written in a way that it is easy to modify and extend.

We would want to verbally discuss the details during the initial phase or the project, so you would need to have some availability during our business hours (8-5 EST). Once we are comfortable that we are on the same page, you would be free to work whatever hours you wish and keep us updated on your progress via email.

To apply, please send your resume, cover letter, and any additional information to