About Techtown

Techtown is a subdivision of ASPE that was founded in 2015 to house our cutting-edge DevOps, security, testing and data curriculums. In 3 years, Techtown has added dozens of tools, courses, and new subjects to supplement these curriculums and keep up with modern trends. We pride ourselves on staying current and being the first to offer training for innovative new tools and methods.

Techtown goes far beyond simple demos by having you get your hands dirty in training. You get real on-the-job experience in a safe classroom environment. You are presented with real-world problems in class so you are prepared to face them when they arise. We show you the good, the bad and the ugly of the product or technology. We pride ourselves on providing real, unbiased training.

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Techtown Curriculums


  • Adoption
  • CI/CD
  • Configuration Management
  • Pipeline Automation
  • Containerization
  • Architecture


  • Analytics
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Infrastructure
  • Data Science
  • Visualization
  • IoT

 Applications and Systems

  • Application Development
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Test Automation
  • Programming Languages
  • Lean IT Engineering


  • Application Security
  • Governance & Policy
  • Information & Infrastructure
  • Human Factors
  • ISACA Certifications (CISM, CISA) (ISC)2 Certifications (CISSP, CSSLP)

The Techtown Difference

Hands-On Labs and Training

Hands-on experience applicable to your job function is what differentiates our training. Too often students leave having learned material, but not having fully figured out how it applies to their unique situation. By giving you real, hands-on experience through labs that incorporate real workplace scenarios, our courses prepare you to implement new tools and techniques immediately.

Constantly-update courses and material

Our product managers, research staff, and course directors continually update the content of every Techtown course. Built on a foundation of established practices, every Techtown course contains real-world tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately and incorporates the latest research, practices and procedures. This is why we have grown our business over the years to include 5 training divisions that encompass most of today's largest skills gaps.

Corporate Training Programs

If you’re deploying training at a program level, we can assist you to whatever degree you need, from coordination to administrative support.  You can rely on our enterprise services to deploy a full suite of solutions to address your everyday challenges. Our deep bench of experts can evaluate enterprise issues, train and develop your professionals, and support you with program rollouts with assessment services, coaching and more.