ASPE Agile Assessment Programs

Our Process:

ASPE Assessment Programs

1. Engagement:  ASPE understands that every Agile implementation is unique. ASPE does not provide a canned software program, where we simply input your data points and share the results. We believe that in order to assess Agility, you must exercise Agility. As stated as a core value in the Agile Manifesto, “Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools”, which we embrace, understanding that having the ideal expert is a critical success factor for optimizing your Agility through any assessment program.  This initial, often remote, engagement will help us better understand your current tools, processes, and people to identify the best expert for you.

  1. Evaluation: Depending on the size of your organization, the ideal timeframe to conduct onsite interviewing and Q&A sessions may vary. Understanding how every individual and team interacts with the rest of the organization provides valuable insights that can help ASPE adapt an appropriate solution for you. Here are some of the activities that be included in your evaluation:
  • Executive Overview
  • Key Stakeholder Interviews
  • Survey of Teams
  • Current Process and Tool Evaluation
  • More!
  1. Findings Report: The findings report provided by the ASPE expert will provide easy-to-understand recommendations for improving your group’s Agility. Our onsite Agile coach and expert will identify specific areas that have direct actions that your organization can take to improve upon. Your organization’s Agility will be measured against a number of technical and non-technical best practices. Regardless of your Agile maturity, or even your Agile readiness, the report will be tailored to provide the best path toward effective enterprise Agility. Because of the breadth of the ASPE product set for Agile and DevOps, regardless of whether there is an issue with team dynamics or a specific issue with a CI/CD tool (Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, etc.), our experts will have a solution for you.
  2. Quarterly Assessment: The quarterly assessment and ongoing coaching can be critical to a long-term sustainable Agile enterprise. You will be provided an updated findings report, showing the variance between previous assessments, adjusting the recommendations as your organization matures its Agile practices.

How do you resolve deficiencies in our Agile environment?

The specific findings and recommended solutions stemming from every assessment will vary. The recommended actions can include a variety of technology/tool recommendations, training recommendations, or very commonly for Agile, a coaching recommendation. Efficient organizational Agility is reliant on having the right people with the right mindset and behaviors. As with any change, it can be common to revert back to your previous approaches. Through ongoing coaching and reinforcement of the principles of Agile and how to “be” Agile, our expert Agile coaches will engrain your maturing Agile practices into the mindset and habits reflecting the day to day work of your employees.

Agile Environment

How (and what) do we measure?

ASPE has transitioned numerous companies to Agile, and along the way we have seen an array of adapted Agile solutions. Through this experience, we have come to understand that providing a static matrix of measured criteria will never be entirely applicable to every organization. With that, we take an adaptive approach, focusing on measuring your individual, team, and organization as it relates to the adoption of the 12 Principles of Agile from the Agile Manifesto.

Organizations have said the following about our training programs:

"The ASPE team I work with is a great resource for me to depend on when planning my staff’s training. Having consistent contacts that I can call directly and work with throughout the year is a significant benefit. I am very pleased with the partnership we have developed with Global Knowledge." - Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance

"I’d like to share my wholehearted appreciation for the impressive customer service and the stellar quality of trainers and course content ASPE has provided our company over the past 4 years. They have provided many iterations of the Scrum Master and Business Analyst Certification Boot Camp courses and we get nothing but excellent feedback from the participants every time. It has also been sincerely a pleasure to work with our account manager Kinzie Wyche. She has always been very responsive and accommodating no matter how many curve balls we have thrown at her. I highly recommend ASPE Training to any organization." - Molina Medicaid Solutions