Agile Jumpstart: Pilot Program (9-Day)

Kick start your Agile Pilot Program with our nine day package.

Three days of training and six days of coaching) and as a secondary output of the coaching, we will provide your organization an Agile Adoption Roadmap. 

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ASPE has developed a training and coaching program specifically designed to accelerate your organization's successful adoption of agile methods built around guaranteeing the success of your pilot program.

Success or failure in Agile adoption is tied specifically to your pilot program.  A pilot program should be your organization's first Agile project.  It should be based on a non-mission critical project and staffed with team members eager to use Agile methods.  Even if you meet all of these "should haves" failure is possible if you are not prepared. 

The main premise around Agile Jumpstart: Pilot Program is teaching you how to do the work NOT doing the work for you.  The two main pieces of the program are training and consulting.


Training Portion

Your pre selected Agile pilot program team will take the Agile Boot camp course.  This three-day program was designed specifically to simulate multiple iterations of a real-world Agile project taking into consideration all project positions.  This program can be tailored to your specific organization and requirements.  Overview of the learning objectives for this course:

  • Practice and maintain a regular cadence when delivering working software each iteration
  • Follow the team approach; start as a team, finish as a team
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of Agile principles with context on why they are so important for each team
  • Embrace planning from Vision down to Daily level, recognizing the value of continuous planning over following a plan
  • Build a backlog of prioritized stories that provides emergent requirements for analysis that also fosters customer engagement and understanding
  • Engage in more effective estimating (story points) and become more accurate by being less precise
  • Pull together Agile release plans that connect you back to business expectations – including hard date commitments and fixed price models
  • Apply Agile testing strategies based on unit and acceptance testing, which creates a bottom up confirmation that your software works
  • Avoid the top mistakes made when rolling out Agile practices and how to craft an adoption strategy that will work in your organizational culture


Coaching and Running the Iteration

The Agile Boot camp training enables your team to walk into their first Agile iteration with hands-on practice that was outside your production environment.  With these skills fresh in their mind, the next step in the program is to kick off your first Agile iteration as a pilot program.

Your Agile coach will support you with an initial two-day coaching stint to help you kick off the planning of the initial Agile iteration, including verifying your story cards, building your burn down chart, providing a rough estimate of your potential velocity and planning your release. Your coach will run the daily scrum and will coach your Scrummaster so that responsibility can be handed off.


During the Iteration

At three points during your iteration your coach will come in to provide feedback and support.  Your coach will check to make sure your daily scrum is being run correctly, will review your burndown chart, will help you review your velocity and will help you troubleshoot any problems that have arisen.


The Retrospective and kick off of next Iteration

Your program will be completed with two days of coaching tied specifically to running your iteration retrospective and supporting the planning to kick off your second iteration.  You coach will run the retrospective for you and give you feedback and console on how to implement changes based on the retrospective.  Your coach will provide feedback and input as requested as you plan your second iteration but your coach will not formally run the iteration planning. 

A determination can be made after the retrospective that more coaching is needed, is required additional coaching can be purchased separately.

This is a one-of-a-kind exclusive program offering enterprise organizations the ability to Kick Start Agile Pilot programs.  ASPE-SDLC wants to ensure the successful adoption of Agile by the software development community.


Addition of the Agile Adoption Road Map

You will get a customized Agile Adoption Road Map.  This plan will document all the observations from our coaching and training, as well as our recommendations for ensuring your transition to Agile is a success.  Our advice will cover a broad selection of topics including organizational changes, team training requirements, metrics, reports, and procedural and process changes.  The intent of this plan is not to simply point out a few tips and tricks that you can use, but rather to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to successfully implementing Agile within your organization.   To help ensure you get the most out this valuable tool, upon delivery we will schedule a two-hour call to review the results, answer questions and discuss next steps.


Why use ASPE?

ASPE is the largest provider of public and on-site Agile Training in North America. Having trained over 10,000 professionals on Agile topics since 2006. ASPE works with fortune 500 customers and understand the needs of software development organizations and how best to help those organizations achieve success.

Our Agile Coaches, Facilitators, and Implementation Specialists are the subject matter experts who fuel ASPE's Agile curriculum. Our real-world experience in multiple industries has been on the cutting edge of Agile real-world deployments and Waterfall to Agile transformations since 2004. Experienced and pragmatic, our expert team delivers on the requirements of its customers!