Engagement View delivers a powerful online toolset for the evaluation and monitoring of employee engagement. The survey that evaluates engagement – customizable for each customer – delves into business drivers, employee competencies and talents, organizational culture, and more. Through this one survey, your employees can:

  1. Point out what works well
  2. Explain what is failing
  3. Shed light on business practices that impact employee engagement
  4. Provide their best ideas for organizational growth and profitability

Repeated use of the Engagement View survey can help you assess which actions are working, and determine next priorities for co-creating, with your employees, a world-class organization that thrives and smiles.

About the Engagement View Survey

This is not a 12 question “miracle” survey that leaves you wondering what to do! This is a comprehensive review of business drivers and human, process and cultural factors felt and understood by your employees relating to employee engagement and organizational prosperity. But it is even more – the Engagement View survey allows your employees the unfettered opportunity to contribute their best ideas for organizational engagement and advancement, without judgment or politics. In reality, many of the detractors for engagement within any organization can be remedied by the ideas and actions of those closest to the work – your valued employees.

Identify the sore spots. Find the strengths. Get best new ideas. Plan and implement changes. And watch engagement soar.


Tier Respondents Cost   Cost per respondent 
3 100 $7,000.00  $70.00 
4 250 $15,000.00  $60.00 
5 1000 $35,000.00  $35.00 
6 5000 $48,000.00  $9.60 

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