TTI Success Insights Professional Assessment Tool

ASPE has partnered with Cape Fear Partners, experts in corporate strategy with a focus on assessing and growing your people. Our goal is to help clients achieve leadership and communication systems to get the most out of their employees and Agile transformations.  Leadership methods have not caught up with technology. Too many organizations are being held back by using 19th Century leadership approaches with 21st Century technology.

Currently, we offer an individual performance assessment, a team/group based analysis, and an enterprise-wide personnel assessment with an executive debrief and action plan. This tool can also be vital towards making your Agile transformation a success.

How it Works

Our approach to transformation follows three critical pillars:

  • Assessment and Professional Development
  • Innovation and Growth Models
  • Executive Education and Research

Each assessment works to help you attain the leadership skills you need to work in the 21st century. By emphasizing individuals and interactions, assessments are able to analyze exactly how each member of your team communicates. We can then design solutions for how each member can maximize their interactions with each other. This creates a more Agile and dynamic leadership structure in your organization.

First, your assessment will return a comprehensive analysis of each individuals' communication and leadership styles. After that, we aim to develop talent with effective leadership and hard skills. The next step is to build a business model that fits your talent based on the results. Finally, we develop highly customized programs through hands-on rigorous training that help you reach your goals.

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Helping your Agile Transformation

TTI can be specifically used for Agile Transformations. Assessments help in correcting most of the most common Agile transformation failures, including:

  • Lack of Executive Sponsorship
  • Failure to Transform Leader Behaviors
  • Failure to Decentralize Control
  • Failure to Create Fast Feedback
  • Short-Changing Collaboration and Facilitation
  • Ignoring the Path of Individual, Team and Organizational Transitions

TTI addresses these issues by giving you the results of staff prior to the start of your transformation, giving ASPE trainers and coaches background on leadership and best communication methods, giving everyone involved communication approaches, and helping to determine the best roles for individuals and teams.

What Makes These Tools Unique?

  • Data-driven Outcome-based Methods
  • People-based Strategies & Plans
  • Uncovers Individual and Team capabilities
  • Assists in Development & Recruiting
  • Includes Organizational Strategy, Plans, and Execution
  • Fosters Continuity and Growth

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