Google AdWords Individual Qualification

The key to getting AdWords certification or mastering AdWords is the combination of experience and hands–on Google AdWords training.

We all know and accept that Google AdWords is one of the most effective forms of direct response advertising and marketing. However, improperly managed Google AdWords campaigns can wind up costing precious time, money and effort. Proper Google AdWords training from Google AdWords experts can make all the difference in getting up to speed quickly, maximizing profit and minimizing – or eliminating – wasted marketing investment.

Google AdWords Certification

Google has changed their AdWords certification process a few times, and it will continue to evolve. There are currently two types of AdWords certification: AdWords Certified Partners and Individually Qualified in Google AdWords.

The Google AdWords Certified Partner status designates that your company is skilled at managing AdWords programs. By obtaining this status, your company will be entered into the Google Partner Search directory where clients can search to find companies to manage their AdWords accounts. Being a Certified Partner demonstrates that your company is qualified to improve performance across search and display programs. They are also allowed to use the Google AdWords Certified Partner badge.
Google AdWords Certified Partner

To become a Google Certified Partner, a company is required to:

  • Manage at least $10,000 in spend within 90 days that is tied to the My Client Center (MCC) account
  • Spend money on 60 days of the 90 day period
  • Be active for at least 90 days on the MCC account
  • Have at least one individually qualified employee (more information below)
  • Accept the terms and conditions of representing AdWords

The Google AdWords Qualified Individual is a certification that designates an individual as skilled in AdWords. This individual will have knowledge and experience with practical application of Google AdWords, and will be recognized as a specialist who can demonstrate those skills in search, display, reporting and analysis in a Google AdWords account. The individual has the Google stamp of approval certifying his or her knowledge in AdWords.
Google AdWords Qualified Individual

To become a Google AdWords Qualified Individual, a person is required to:

  • Pass the Google Advertising Foundation Exam, which covers basic AdWords skills for online advertising
  • Pass one of the advanced-level exams, which covers intermediate to advanced best practices
    • Search Advertising Exam (for managing campaigns)
    • Display Advertising Exam (for advertising on YouTube and Google Content Network)
  • Comply with the terms and conditions of being enrolled in the Google AdWords program

How do I become an expert in Google AdWords? Google AdWords Training.
After creating an account, the first steps to becoming a skilled AdWords professional are experience and training. ASPE offers Mastering Google AdWords, a unique training course offered in two different formats: live, in–person classroom instruction and live, virtual classroom attendance via the web. In either case, the course content is the same and you can be sure the AdWords training course instructor has years of hands–on experience managing campaigns of all sizes. We also offer two Advanced Google AdWords training courses on the topics of Google Display Advertising and Google Search Advertising. Enrollment in any Google AdWords training course is limited to allow individual attention for hands–on experience and maximum participation. 

Regardless of whether you enroll in the classroom or virtual Google AdWords training course, we will help you improve your Google AdWords skills by providing you the practical knowledge to get the most out of your campaigns and budgets when you return to the office. On the last day of class, you will take and pass the Google Advertising Foundation Exam – the first step of becoming individually or partner certified in Google AdWords.

Not only will you pass the Google Advertising Foundation Exam, there are many other benefits to ASPE Google AdWords training. Online marketing professionals in pursuit of expanding and fine–tuning their expertise will differentiate themselves from other colleagues by acquiring the skills and certification in AdWords. Those in marketing management and marketing delivery positions will also be able to improve sales while decreasing marketing waste when they take Google AdWords training.

ASPE Google AdWords training will teach you how to:

  • Acquire the terminology and knowledge to incorporate Google AdWords into your current marketing efforts
  • Gain an understanding of Google AdWords and what you need to get started
  • Create and edit targeted pay–per–click campaigns
  • Use account optimization skills to help you get the most out of your AdWords campaigns and budgets
  • Learn how not to waste clicks, impressions, or money
  • Gain skills to create more compelling ads to drive improvements in campaign performance
  • Track your performance so you know what's working and what's not
  • Analyze a campaign and find how to get more out of the budget, campaign, Ad Groups, and ads
  • Pass the Google Advertising Foundation Exam

ASPE provides you with the knowledge and hands–on lab exercises that you can immediately apply to your own unique situation. We help you combine real–world marketing experience you already possess with proven tips and best practices to enhance your understanding of Google AdWords.