Google Analytics Individual Qualification

The key to becoming a Google Analytics Certified Individual and mastering the Google Analytics tool is the combination of experience and hands-on Google Analytics training.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools to learn more about your customers and how they interact with your website. While the Google Analytics tool itself is free, mastering all the features it provides is a daunting task. Not knowing how to use and interpret your data leads to inefficiency and can hinder your business growth and capabilities. Proper Google Analytics training from seasoned Analytics experts can make all the difference when getting up to speed quickly and maximizing your company or organization's potential.

Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics is constantly updated, which means you need up-to-date knowledge in order to earn the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ). While simple reports and data are easy to analyze for beginners, the validation of becoming certified in Google Analytics proves your proficiency and shows your superiors, colleagues and clients that you are truly able to harness the power of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics certification is not just for marketing agencies or consultants who want to become a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP). It is a certification that benefits marketers from all industries and levels. To become a Google Analytics Qualified Individual, you simply must pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualified Exam. Here are a few facts about the exam:

Google Analytics Qualified Individual

  • Qualification lasts 18 months (at which point you will need to re-take the test)
  • You have 90 minutes to complete the test
  • There are 70 questions
  • You must answer 80% of the questions correctly in order to pass (56/70 questions)
  • If you fail, you must wait two weeks to take the test again

Mastering Google Analytics

There are free tutorials and advice you can find from Google and various blog posts. Those are great tools to help in order to understand the basics. But to master the tool, there is no better way to learn Google Analytics than from experts. The ASPE-ROI Google Analytics curriculum goes much deeper than any other courses or tutorials about Google Analytics. Mastering skills that will help define business goals, track metrics and improve business decisions are invaluable to any marketer.

It is recommended that beginners first take the Google Marketing Boot Camp and then immerse themselves in the Mastering Google Analytics course to become proficient. While the mastery class does teach the knowledge you need to pass the GAIQ test (which is taken in class) and become certified, the training takes a deeper dive giving you a higher level of understanding for intricacies of Google Analytics.

When you master Google Analytics, you will gain skills that will allow you to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Determine the success and failure of campaigns
  • Learn which products or services produce ROI for your company
  • Know exactly where visitors to your site are going, how they got there, and why they stay or return
  • Pinpoint problem areas in your website and marketing goals
  • Implement new strategies for success
  • Focus on social media channels that will yield ROI

Google Analytics Training by ASPEI: