Certified LeSS Practitioner

Considered one of the most innovative frameworks for scaling agile projects, Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) is being adopted by organization of all sizes and industries.  If you have a basic understanding of scrum principles and involved in large agile projects or development initiatives, becoming a LeSS certified practitioner can prove to be an important step in career development as well as for improving productivity and for applying best practices in agile principles.

LeSS is about scale, meaning large complex projects with diverse teams and multiple dependencies, often with widely distributed tasks across a broad spectrum.  The LeSS certification will span knowledge and training across the entire project lifecycle to include:

  • LeSS principles, framework, rules and guides
  • Why LeSS and how to organize around customer value and feature teams
  • Scrum with Large projects include requirements planning and product management 
  • Scrum with multi-faceted teams located across various sites and locations
  • Change management strategies
  • An overview of the interrelationships of Scrum, LeSS and Huge

The LeSS certification provides essential information for adopting and improving LeSS to your product development group. Learn LeSS, stories on LeSS and how to adopt LeSS principles in your enterprise with the informative and insightful exercises that will excite and motivate large-scale product development teams.