Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Agile Methodology

Scrum Master Certification LogoThe primary role of the ScrumMaster is to function as a facilitative leader who keeps the team focused on its goals.  Some of the responsibilites include:

  • Possessing the knowledge and skills to carefully and effectively monitor work progress
  • Disciplined management of the burndown chart on a daily basis
  • Quickly resolving personal team conflict should it arise  
  • Making sure teams are acutely aware of dependencies and deadlines 
  • Possessing the expertise to remove roadblocks with remediation plans


One means for gaining the level of expertise necessary to becoming optimally effective as a ScrumMaster is to obtain certification.  A Certified ScrumMaster has a level of expertise above that of the typical project manager. To become a Certified ScrumMaster, one must take a course from a certified Scrum trainer and pass the CSM test following the course. 

After successfully completing ASPE's Certified ScrumMaster Workshop, participants will have all information required to take the evaluation and obtain ScrumMaster certification. The exam must be taken within 90 days of completing the workshop.

  • Expand career opportunities and increase your marketability with relevant skills to companies who adopt Agile practices
  • Demonstrate your superior Scrum knowledge to your peers and managers
  • Join an elite community of recognized Scrum experts who are committed to continuous improvement
  • Gain access to a 2-year membership into the Scrum Alliance with your certification


Courses related to this certification:
  • Training
  • Exam

Certification Cost is Included with Course Tuition

Exam Details
  • Attendees must pass a 50 question assessment with a minimum of 68% upon course completion before a certification is issued.
  • Certifying Test is issued directly from Scrum Alliance via email and taken online.
  • 1 retake is included if the student does not pass the first time. There is no cool off period so the retake can be completed immediately. If the student does not pass after the first retake there is a $25 fee for each additional retake.
Required Experience

Familiarity with Scrum

Required Training

Required attendance in Scrum Alliance approved Certified Scrum Master course


20 Scrum Education Credits (SEUs) need to be earned every two years in order to renew the CSM certification. There is also a $100 Renewal Fee.

ASPE offers multiple courses that award SEUs. However, for those classes to award SEUs they must be taught by a Scrum Alliance certified trainer. If you are not sure whether an ASPE course or instructor qualifies you for SEUs, or how many SEUs a class is worth, contact your training advisor.