Certified Scrum Trainer®

Agile Methodology

CST CertificationThe CST® certification has always been and remains a rigorous certification. Scrum Alliance® strives to make the CST application process fair and thorough. The objective measures taken ensure that the trainers selected will be excellent ambassadors for Scrum and Scrum Alliance.

You should consider this as you apply and do your utmost to ensure that not only your application but your involvement and participation outside of the application materials represent you in the best possible light. This is the shortest and surest path to successfully becoming a Certified Scrum Trainer®.

As an applicant, it is your responsibility to impress upon the Trainer Approval Community (TAC) that you are qualified as a CST. You should not view the application guidelines and associated templates as a certification checklist but rather as soup-starter for a great application. Applicants who demonstrate not only that they minimally fulfill the stated guidelines but have gone well beyond them in several respects are likely to find the best success. Applicants who are quick to apply, having only met -- perhaps only in their own view -- the minimum guidelines, are more likely to be rejected and have to reapply.

When in doubt about your readiness, check with Scrum Alliance, a TAC member, or identify a CST with knowledge about the application process as a mentor.

To become a CST, you must:

  • Demonstrate a deep knowledge and understanding of Scrum concepts, practices, and principles.
  • Hold an active Certified Scrum Professional ScrumMaster™ (CSP-SM™) or Certified Scrum Professional Product Owner™ (CSP-PO™) designation from Scrum Alliance.
  • Have extensive hands-on experience implementing Scrum inside organizations as a ScrumMaster, product owner, or team member.
  • Have taught Scrum in a co-training partnership with a CST or independently in a noncertified context meeting the following requirements:
    • Taught a minimum of 100 students
    • Hosted a minimum of 10 multi-day ScrumMaster training sessions
  • Hold the Certified Scrum Product Owner® designation if you wish to train CSPO® courses.
  • Certifications
  • Experience
  • Co-Training
  • Interview
Costs$250 Application Fee
Required CertificationCertified Scrum Professional (CSP)
Required ExperienceExtensive hands-on experience implementing Scrum inside organizations
Required TrainingMust have taught Scrum with a CST or independently non-certified to at least 100 students or in at least 10 multi-day Scrum Master training sessions
Other Requirement Details

Application must include proper documentation of all requirements for earning CST. If approved, candidate will participate in a formal interview with the Scrum Alliance Trainer Approval Community, who will then collectively approve you, earning your CST, or can deny you, making you eligible for another interview after a 6-month waiting period

$5,000 Annual CST Renewal Fee