ISTQB Advanced Tester Certification - Test Manager

ISTQB Certified Tester

The ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) advanced level certification for test managers is essential for advancing test management proficiency. ASPE offers a comprehensive course that provides the necessary knowledge to prepare you for passing the advanced level ISTQB test manger exam.  Being prepared for becoming a certified test manager includes:

  • A broad application of testing and test lifecycle activities including functional and non-functional testing
  • Risk based testing approaches and techniques
  • Test planning and documentation
  • Reviews and defect management
  • Test processes, tools and automation
  • Managing technology and non-technical resources in the testing process


If you have an ISTQB Foundation Certificate and are ready for advanced test manager certification, check out this course:

Once you have achieved advanced level certification, you will have established the requirements necessary to continue your path to ISTQB Expert Certification for test management and test process.  Advanced and expert level certifications provide you the skills to excel with testing management in your organization and contributes to ensuring the integrity of software test methodologies, processes and outcomes.