ISTQB Certified Tester – Foundation Level

Software Testing

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Why Software Testing Certification?

Software testing is one of the most critical needs in the market today and critical to the integrity of any technology project. Yet, there are no undergraduate degree programs in the United States that offer a specialization in software testing.  While there are various resources available for learning about software testing, most who are in testing roles have no formal training with most of their education coming from on-the-job training. 

ISTQB (international Software Testing Qualifications Board) is the only internationally accreditedISTQB Certified Tester certification for software testing in the world.  Through its network of National Boards, The ISTQB® has granted over 380,000 certifications in over 100 countries. The SQE Training accredited certification training program prepares you for the ISTQB® certification exams.  ASPE offers comprehensive programs or those responsible for software testing whether you are just getting started or have long been in a testing role. 

Check out the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level Syllabus.

Gain practical knowledge of the fundamental concepts of software testing and learn the methodologies and approaches that will make new and seasoned testers successful.  

  • Learn Key concepts, terms, risk management, goals and process
  • Includes lifecycle testing, testing levels (system, acceptance, etc.) and test design techniques.
  • Exposure to various testing tools and methodologies
  • Fill experience gaps with a broad overview of testing topics.

Foundation Core certificate allows you to start your path to high-level software testing qualifications at core and advanced levels.  Consider ASPE ISTQB foundation level if you are a:

  • Test designer, test analyst, test engineer, test consultant, test manager or user acceptance tester 
  • Project manager, quality manager, business analyst, IT Director, management consultant
  • IT professional or software developer
Courses related to this certification:
  • Exam

Exam Fee: $250

Exam fee commonly included with cost of course tuition

Exam Details

40 multiple choice questions over 60 minutes

Exam can be completed on final day of course by accredited provider OR can be scheduled independently at Kryterion Testing Center

Required Training

Recommended to attend course from ISTQB accredited training provider (