SharePoint Business Process Automation Certificate



When you commit to obtaining your Business Process Automation Certificate, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills that will impact productivity and efficiency.  

This Certification Proves You Can:

  • Improve the expediency of business outcomes with SharePoint Automation
  • Streamline processes and improve organizational transparency that results in productivity gains and cost savings
  • Bring order to document and data intensive environments
  • Increase visibility to management, IT and operational teams
  • Improve and seamlessly monitor and manage back-office processes 
  • Drive accountability and identify continuous improvement opportunities

ASPE offers a wide range of SharePoint training through the SharePoint Institute and your SharePoint Business Process Automation Certificate is an approved training course for the SharePoint End User Certificate. 

Earn your SharePoint Business Process Automation Certificate by attending SharePoint for Business Process Automation.

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Courses related to this certification:
  • Training*
  • Exam
Exam Details

Multiple choice and true/false questions in web-based exam


Included in Cost of Training


$50 Exam Fee

Required Training

Successfully complete a SharePoint Institute accredited course with an authorized trainer

*Recently, SharePoint Institute relisted the training as 'Recommended' rather than 'Required'.  Individuals have the option to pay SharePoint Institute directly to take the exam and earn the certification.


No Renewal Requirements - You Keep Certification for Life