SharePoint Project Management Certificate


SharePoint Project Management Certificate recognizes the advanced experience and skill of Project Managers who achieve success using SharePoint. The SharePoint Project Management Certificate demonstrates proven ability to use SharePoint 2013 to its fullest to coordinate and manage projects of multiple scales. Project Managers who use SharePoint 2013 are responsible for the execution of processes to achieve organizational objectives and keeping projects on time and on budget. The use of SharePoint 2013 as a project management tool is invaluable to these professionals.

  • Take full advantage of SharePoint Technologies to manage successful projects
  • Learn how to build a SharePoint Project Management Information System (PMIS)
  • Developing SharePoint project sites and team sites with out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality
  • Customize SharePoint sites for effective and distributed collaboration
  • Manage all project-related information, build document libraries, integrate Microsoft Office and Project Server software
  • Monitor and analyze project schedules and milestones and generate on-demand reports    

The ASPE SharePoint Project Management Certificate empowers both the novice and experienced user to handle everything from the lightest projects to the most sophisticated management of enterprise portfolio project.   Learn to use SharePoint's powerful collaboration tools to manage projects, meetings, communication and scheduling and you’ll become one of the most valuable assets to your SharePoint team.

Earn your SharePoint Project Management Certificate by attending Using SharePoint for Project Management.

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Courses related to this certification:
  • Training*
  • Exam
Exam Details

Multiple choice and true/false questions in web-based exam


Included in Cost of Training


$50 Exam Fee

Required Training

Successfully complete a SharePoint Institute accredited course with an authorized trainer

*Recently, SharePoint Institute relisted the training as 'Recommended' rather than 'Required'.  Individuals have the option to pay SharePoint Institute directly to take the exam and earn the certification.


No Renewal Requirements - You Keep Certification for Life