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Our expert Agile Consultants and Coaches are here to help.

Agile Consulting and Coaching ServicesWith significant industry experience and certifications, our Agile Consultants and Agile Coaches help you address your organization’s specific needs and assist with growing pain. They are with you at every step to provide day-to-day guidance to managers and teams and ensure that Agile practices are implementing across teams and the enterprise.

Types of Agile Consultants and Coaches:

We have an extensive directory of Agile experts who have years of experience in the field and helping organizations reach their full potential. Click here to view a list of our Agile experts.

Executive Level
Technical Level
Our Executive Agile coaches focus on enabling your executive team to live and lead the Agile manifesto and principles. Our executive coaches have 20+ years of experience working with Agile principles as senior-level employees and consultants.   Our Technical Agile coaches focus on DevOps, Agile Engineering, System Architecture, and Extreme Programming. Our technical coaches have 15+ years of experience implementing Agile principles as senior technical managers with a focus on extreme programming practices.

Program Level


Team Level

Our Program Agile coaches are there to coach managers, program managers, project managers and other individuals responsible for implementing and supporting programs, projects, SAFe Release Trains, and teams developing Agile practices. Our Program Coaches have 10+ years of experience implementing Agile principles as senior managers, release train engineers or program managers.   Our Team Agile coaches are there to coach teams and team members on building and maintaining self-organizing and self-supporting development teams. Our Team Coaches have 5-10 years experience implementing Agile practices either as development leads or Scrum Masters.
What can Agile Consulting do for you?
  • Assess your Agile readiness
  • Relieve management pressure by providing additional team guidance on a day-to-day basis
  • Bring an outside perspective and remove intrinsic bias and interpersonal issues
  • Expose your teams to critical knowledge and the latest tools that assure continuous improvement
  • Create an environment that allows teams to address complex challenges rather than to avoid them
  • Promote the need for continued learning and team leadership

Onsite and Virtual Consulting and Coaching Process:

Agile Consulting and Coaching

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