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Training is only the first step on the road to test automation success. ASPE is partnering with Model Compilers to deliver Ranorex Consulting packages to professionals who need to go further than training. 

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Whether your organization is just getting started with test automation or has a significant repository of automated tests in various platforms, we are here to solve your problems and help you succeed.

Our services ensure that your project and your organization realize significant tangible benefits from all lifecycle stages—analysis, test development, and test automation.

Each project is unique, but our packaged service offerings provide just the right help at the right time.

While service offerings are available in both onsite and live online formats, our advisors will help you identify the best and most cost-effective solutions to your needs.

Ranorex Project Launch

Get expert guidance to start your project on the right path. This week is dedicated to learning about your project and developing a practical, achievable plan consisting of: 

  • Target features and functions
  • An assessment of the "automatability" of your software architecture
  • Example automation tests
  • Incremental test plan
  • Prioritized list of important tasks
  • Immediate deliverables
  • Much more.

This is an excellent opportunity to get started quickly while avoiding distractions and bad practices.

Review Your Project

Solve problems and get the most out of test automation.

Once work is underway, even the best teams have questions and feel they run into trouble. There may be conflicting views on how the work should progress. What should be tested? What shouldn't be? How comprehensive and detailed should those tests be? How can difficult features in the target platform be incorporated?

We resolve questions like these all the time and can help your teams get the right answers so that they don't get bogged down.

We meet with team members and review your plan, models and tests, looking for trouble spots and produce a detailed assessment with practical recommendations.

Success Packages

Training and consulting together at the same time can be the most effective way to learn and to get started quickly. Call for special package pricing.

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Go beyond training and gain a full understanding of Ranorex Automation today. 

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