Advanced BigPicture Training – Hands-On Workshop

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3 Days Live Online
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Whether you need to improve enterprise-scale project management, implement powerful Gantt charts in JIRA or Trello, or vastly increase the efficiency of your projects, Software Plant’s BigPicture is the leading Atlassian Marketplace app for these and more.

If your teams are already comfortable using BigPicture, this is the workshop to truly unlock the full range of capabilities. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn to scale agile practices, implement analytics and data visualization using BigPicture and JIRA, and much more. By the end of this workshop, you will have the in-depth capability for all the features of BigPicture for your projects, programs, and portfolios.

Led by an expert, this workshop teaches you how to:

  • Use Board 2.0 for more effective agility across your organization
  • Become a master of Gantt and get the most out of your Gantt features
  • Leverage powerful data visualization techniques for visibility and analytics
  • Optimize and manage your resources across projects with BigPicture
  • Integrate BigPicture features with your SAFe framework
  • Track projects and perform effortless reporting with BigPicture
  • Manage portfolio-level risk with BigPicture
  • Use the different metrics and metrics approaches available in BigPicture
  • Administer and troubleshoot BigPicture
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Course Outline

Day 1


  • The building blocks of BigPicture
  • Best practices for navigating the BigPicture UI
  • Getting comfortable with Programs
  • Workshop tasks

Data visualization

  • Fundamentals of BigPicture Gantt
  • Getting the most out of Gantt functionalities
  • Real-time synchronization between BigPicture and Jira
  • Becoming a master of Gantt
  • Workshop tasks

Resource management

  • Clear overview of a Resources workload
  • Allocation constraints in Resources
  • Optimizing and managing Resources
  • Workshop tasks

Day 2

Working with Agile

  • BigPicture Roadmap fundamentals
  • Objective-driven planning
  • Using Board 2.0 to scale Agile
  • Synergy between BigPicture and Jira Software
  • Configuring BigPicture for Agile processes
  • Workshop tasks

Project tracking

  • Project management with Gantt
  • Gantt’s multi-platform compatibility
  • Effortless reporting with BigPicture
  • Unveiling the project management features of BigPicture
  • Workshop tasks

Strategy and setup

  • Implementation strategy
  • Portfolio view in BigPicture
  • Gantt’s multi-platform compatibility – hybrid view
  • BigPicture Program setup strategies
  • Unveiling the project management features of BigPicture
  • Workshop tasks

Day 3

Portfolio overview

  • Managing Portfolio-level risk
  • Effortless reporting with BigPicture
  • Resource allocation with Portfolio insight
  • Configuring BigPicture for Portfolio overview
  • Workshop tasks

New reporting module

  • Extended reporting functionalities

Metrics in BigPicture

  • How to use metrics, different approaches

SAFe in BigPicture

  • Useful modules
  • Recommended activity flow

Advanced administration

  • Grooming of existing Programs
  • Troubleshooting BigPicture’s interface
  • How to be a happy BigPicture administrator
  • Workshop tasks
Who should attend

Any team members involved in your organization’s projects or programs who want to get more advanced experience with BigPicture.

  • Team leaders
  • Project managers
  • Product manager
  • Portfolio managers
  • JIRA Admin
Bonus Materials

You’ll receive a comprehensive student guide that covers everything you practice in class.