Professional Training Course Bundles

Whether you are new to your field and learning your role, or you are looking to strengthen your core skills within your organization, Bundled Learning from ASPE provides the perfect combination of courses to jumpstart your path to success. Find out if Bundled Learning from ASPE is the right fit for you.

Business Analysis Jumpstart Program

Agile Jumpstart Program

Project Management Jumpstart Program

DevOps Jumpstart Program

SharePoint Jumpstart Program

Internet Marketing Jumpstart Program


eLearning Packages

Train Your Team Package

Dive Into SharePoint eLearning Bundle

DevOps Enablement Package

DevOps Assessment

Contact your ASPE Training Advisor for eLearning Packages tailored for your team Gain access to all of the ASPE SharePoint eLearning courses for 6 months Foundations of Agile, Agile Testing, DevOps Fundamentals Free Maturity Model assessment as entry point
  SharePoint for End Users, SharePoint Lists, SharePoint Libraries, Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint, Introduction to Custom Workflow in SharePoint Designer Up to 10 Users $2,500 for up to 30 individuals, up to 3 manager seats with detailed insights
  $995 for 6 months (Retail ~$2,000) 1 Manager seat, with the ability to track learning progress of your team $4,000 for up to 100 individuals, up to 5 manager seats with detailed insights
  Access to additional SharePoint tools, resources, videos and more! Access to additional DevOps tools, resources, videos and more! Both options include up to 1-hour online/phone call assessment review with SME
      Access to additional DevOps tools, resources, videos and more!