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Developing Applications for SharePoint and Office 365

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3 Days Live Online
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Professional Credits


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This course offers:
    21.00 PMP/PgMP Technical PDUs


Plan, design and create amazing business applications that support SharePoint on-premise as well as cloud technology in Office 365 with the skills you’ll learn in this class!  We’ll learn the basics of developing complete applications on SharePoint that include forms, data, workflows and more. 

In this intense three-day instructor led course, you will learn through structured lecture, coding examples, and hands-on labs how to create applications and deploy them using the latest technologies – including the SharePoint framework, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Azure, REST APIs, ASP.NET, CSOM, and webhooks.

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You will learn how to:

Understand the development options and architecture for SharePoint and Office 365
Setup a complete development environment
Develop mobile and desktop apps using Power Apps
Design and deploy workflows and integrations using Microsoft Flow
Develop web parts using the SharePoint Framework
Create SharePoint Add-Ins
Create provider-hosted SharePoint Add-Ins
Build and Publish Apps to the Office Store
Use the SharePoint REST and CSOM APIs
Develop webhooks for SharePoint
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Course Outline

Part 1: Overview

  1. SharePoint Architecture
  2. What’s New in SharePoint Development
  3. Understanding the Development model and Strategies
  4. Requirements
  5. Developer Tools and Setting Up your Development Environment
  6. Labs
    1. Configuring your Development Environment
    2. Creating SharePoint Environment

Part 2: Overview of the framework

  1. Building your first web part
  2. Adding Properties
  3. Accessing Data
  4. CSS and Javascript within your web parts
  5. SharePoint Data between web parts
  6. Advanced web part capabilities
  7. Labs
    1. Building a web part
    2. Creating properties for webparts
    3. Advanced web parts with Data Access
    4. Connecting Web parts

Part 3: PowerApps

  1. Creating your first App
  2. Using PowerApps Studio for Web
  3. Using PowerApps Studio for Windows
  4. Understanding Data Sources
  5. Working with the Common Data Service and Entities
  6. Delegation
  7. Understanding Gateways
  8. Customizing Applications
  9. Formulas
  10. Publishing your Applications
  11. Mobile Considerations
  12. Security
  13. PowerApps Labs
    1. Creating an App from Scratch
    2. Creating an App from a Template
    3. Connecting to databases and third-party data sources
    4. Setting up the on-premise gateway
    5. Advanced Customizations
    6. Publish Your App for Desktop & Mobile Use

Part 4: Microsoft Flow

  1. Concepts and Design
    1. Triggers
    2. Conditions
    3. Actions
    4. Loops
    5. Connectors
  2. Creating a Flow from a Template
  3. Creating Custom Flows
  4. Scheduling Flows
  5. Mobile Apps
    1. Notifications
    2. Using the Mobile App
  6. Managing Flows
  7. Microsoft Flow Labs
    1. Creating Flow from Template
    2. Custom Flow Creation
    3. Using the Mobile App
    4. Publishing and Manage Flows

Part 5: SharePoint Add-Ins

  1. SharePoint Hosted Add-Ins
    1. Full-Page Applications
    2. WebParts
    3. UI and Ribbon Custom Actions
    4. Packaging and Deploying
    5. Labs
      1. Creating a full-page application
      2. Creating a web-part
      3. Creating a ribbon action
  2. Provider-Hosting Add-Ins
    1. Design Considerations
    2. Security
    3. Deploying
    4. Labs
      1. Creating provider-hosting application

Part 6: Using the SharePoint REST API

  1. Understanding the API
  2. Reading and updating data with REST
  3. Labs
    1. Application utilizing REST API

Part 7: Using the Client Side Object Model (CSOM) API

  1. Understanding the CSOM API
  2. Labs
    1. Application using CSOM API

Part 8: Building Apps for the Office Store

  1. Design considerations
  2. Requirements and Process
  3. Licensing Options

Part 9: SharePoint Webhooks

  1. Understanding Webhooks
  2. Labs
    1. Building
Who should attend
  • IT Developers
  • Web Developers
  • SharePoint Administrators
  • Office 365 Administrators
  • Database Administrators and Developers
  • Technical professionals with previous development experience

Although it is not mandatory, students who have completed the self-paced Introduction to SharePoint for End Users eLearning course have found it very helpful when completing this course.


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