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Employee Engagement Boot Camp

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3 Days Live Online
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This course offers:
    6.00 PMI Strategic PDUs
    8.00 PMI Leadership PDUs


*Please note this class is delivered as 2-day course in a private setting and includes the use of an assessment tool that all participants must take in advance.

Having an engaged employee base is a significant competitive advantage for two main reasons.  First, when employees are engaged they are going beyond their job description in assisting the organization to be successful.  They have higher levels of trust in management and in their coworkers.  These elements translate into higher productivity, higher retention rates and higher profitability.  Second, based on recent national surveys 70 percent of employees are disengaged with 20 percent of that group is actively disengaged, meaning working against the organization.  Imagine what a competitive advantage you will have when you get more of your employees to become engaged.

So how do you create an engaged workforce?  We share with you the reasons for disengagement and the specific strategies and tactics to create a highly engaged workforce.


This course will include:

This program requires all participants to take an online assessment in advance of the course.

Step 1: Participants complete online assessment prior to the program

The assessment takes approximately 40 minutes and provides each participant with a 57-page report that is a detailed discussion of your behavioral style, motivations and soft skills. 

Step 2: The Seminar leader reviews all assessments and customizes the training based on the unique characteristics of the participants. 

Customizing the seminar to the participants allows everyone to gain a better understanding of how leaders need to adapt to the unique dynamics of the people involved.  There is no “one size fits all” approach to employee engagement.

Break down the most common leadership mistakes that create a disengaged workforce
A detailed overview of the key elements needed to develop an engaged workforce
Specific strategies and tactics that are guaranteed to improve team dynamics and trust which is necessary for a high performing team
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Course Outline

Day 1:

  • Outline Learning Outcomes
  • A fun ice breaker exercise
  • Overview of the challenges and opportunities in achieving Employee Engagement
  • Focusing on the critical elements needed for an engaged workforce
    • Effective conversation
    • Skill Development
    • Workplace dynamics
    • The role of leadership
    • Hiring & Onboarding
    • Performance Management and Development
  • Overview of the assessment each individual completed including group exercises (There will be an interactive debrief discussion following each exercise)
    • Behavioral Exercise
    • Motivators Exercise
    • Communications Exercise
  • Interactive discussion of the benefits to everyone having an improved appreciation of their style as well as the styles of their colleagues

Day 2:

  • A Comprehensive Review of the unique characteristics and dynamics of the participants in the seminar.  We view them as a team.
  • Group Exercises related to identifying potential conflicts within the team and strategies and tactics to managing through conflicts.  It can be most effective to bring real challenges from the workplace into this environment to integrate the teachings from the sessions into practical real-world applications.  Areas of focus will include the following:
  • Provide specific strategies and examples of how to apply the training to your organization.
Who should attend

The intensive Employee Engagement Boot Camp course has been designed to help all managers learn reliable processes, skills and methods to increase organizational engagement. The methodology requires all participants to honestly and openly discuss barriers to engagement—along with solutions. 

It is recommended that manager bring at least one to three “high performing” team members to the training who can help explain barriers to employee engagement from the direct report’s point of view. It is crucial that impediments to open communication between leaders, managers and team members be addressed frankly, and addressed accordingly with a group consensus on improvement action plans and next steps.


Attendees of this workshop should be familiar with modern software development workflow in their organization.