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Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) Certification Prep

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ASPE is an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider of business analysis training. Select Project Delivery courses offer IIBA continuing development units (CDU) in accordance with IIBA standards.


Select courses offer Leadership (PDU-L), Strategic (PDU-S) and Technical PMI professional development units that vary according to certification. Technical PDUs are available in the following types: ACP, PBA, PfMP, PMP/PgMP, RMP, and SP.

This course offers:
    6.00 PMP/PgMP Technical PDUs
    6.00 PMI-PBA Technical PDUs
    0.50 PMI-ACP Technical PDUs
    0.25 PMI-RMP Technical PDUs
    0.25 PMI-SP Technical PDUs
    0.50 PMI Strategic PDUs
    0.50 PMI Leadership PDUs


Business analysis is achieving worldwide recognition as a profession in its own right. The ECBA (Entry Certificate in Business Analysis)™ does not require any experience to apply for the exam, but does require 21 hours of professional training that is approved/endorsed by the IIBA. This course accounts for 7 of those hours (learn how you can bundle this course to get all required training here).

After completing the application and scheduling your exam, the 1 hour exam of 50 questions is taken at a home or work PC with working webcam and microphone.  To be able to answer the questions, you need a certain level of knowledge of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® v 3.0 (BABOK®).  This course summarizes the BABOK® into a digestible format so that the key information can be learned without diving into the detailed levels that are needed for subsequent certifications.   The course includes practice questions that reinforce information in the various Knowledge Areas plus you are provided with a practice test with explanations and BABOK® references.  You also learn test taking strategies to help you eliminate wrong answers and analyze questions to maximize your chances of passing the first.  This ECBA™ Certification Training Course is intended to comply with the International Standards Organization (ISO) 17204 standard for certifying the competence of personnel.

You can count on a fast paced, challenging, and ultimately productive learning environment as our experts download their knowledge and secrets for IIBA certification success and help you attain yours.

Analyze and remember the most important elements of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® needed to pass the ECBA Entry Level Certification Exam
Understand the process from application to test taking
Improve your chances of success with the ECBA certification process
Understand what knowledge from the BABOK® and other sources that comprise the ECBA™ certification
Use practical, real–world methods for improving testing success
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Dec 7, 2021 – Dec 8, 2021    12:00pm – 4:30pm Live Online Register
Course Outline

I. Welcome to the class!

We'll start the ECBA™ Certification Prep Class with an overview of what the ECBA™ is, the process for applying, scheduling your test and, of course, passing it.  We’ll review sample questions provided by the IIBA and how the test questions are distributed over the 6 Knowledge Areas, Competencies, and Techniques in the BABOK®. We will also provide a preview of the ECBA™ course content and our process for delivering a valuable learning experience.

II. Business Analysis & Key Concepts Overview

Before we can focus on the BABOK®, we will need to cover critical foundational material on the topic of business analysis. We'll start by providing an overview, including common terms, concepts, techniques, and models that all business analysts must know to pass the ECBA™ examination. What is business analysis?  Throughout this section, practice questions are reviewed.

  1. The role and competencies of the business analyst
  2. The Systems/Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  3. Project & Requirements Life Cycle Management
  4. Requirements Engineering basics
  5. Levels of requirements, tool and techniques
  6. Perspectives, systems, processes, and actors

III. The Business Analysis Knowledge Areas

At the heart of IIBA certification is high level knowledge of the BABOK®. In this section of the class, we'll dive appropriately into each Knowledge Area. As we cover each of these six subject-matter areas, we'll share the essential information you need to know for the ECBA™ examination. You'll come to understand the structure of the BABOK® and discover some practical tips for remembering what you need to know. And of course, the class will help you continue to increase your comfort and confidence with the examinations via realistic practice exercises throughout. Combined with the opportunity to discuss your questions, these activities will help you further refine your strengths and weaknesses with the material:

  1. Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  2. Elicitation & Collaboration
  3. Requirements Life Cycle Management
  4. Strategy Analysis
  5. Requirements Analysis & Design Definition
  6. Solution Evaluation

IV. Underlying Competencies

Having attained an appropriate understanding of the BABOK® Knowledge Areas, you must still understand and know critical business analysis fundamentals. This module takes a structured review of the underlying competencies you need to know for the ECBA™ certification:

  1. Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
  2. Behavioral Characteristics
  3. Business Knowledge
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Interaction Skills
  6. Tools and Technology

V. Techniques

A Business Analyst employs a variety of tools and techniques during a project to ensure successful results. Throughout the course, we will review the Tools & Techniques in the BABOK® so that you have sufficient knowledge to respond to questions on the test:

  1. Elicitation & Collaboration techniques
  2. Diagramming and modeling techniques
  3. Root cause analysis techniques
  4. Acceptance and evaluation definition techniques
  5. Post-project assessment techniques

VI. A Guide to Success on the Exams

At the end of this one day course, you will be provided a few final tips to improve your examination experience. In this final section, you'll get our best tips and have the opportunity to practice with a sample examination on your own.  The Study Guide provides practice test questions with answers and BABOK® references.  

  1. Recommendations for next steps
  2. Key tips to remember for the exam
  3. Final test hints
  4. Practice examination
Who should attend
  • New Business Analysts who wish to pursue this entry level certification
  • Individuals making a career change to business analysis
  • Functional Managers who are not Business Analysts but manage them
  • Individuals who want a one day, fast paced overview of the BABOK to obtain the kinds of knowledge and skills that encompass the Business Analysis profession.

Although it is not mandatory, students who have completed the self-paced Business Analyst Fundamentals eLearning course have found it very helpful when completing this course.


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