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High Impact Email Marketing

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There's no question that email is still the single most effective tool for reaching customers and prospects, when done correctly. Email also has the highest ROI of any online marketing tactic. Even though there are claims that email marketing is dead, the numbers supporting email marketing tell a completely different story. Email marketing can help you accomplish many of your core business goals. From lead generation to improving customer retention, email has long been considered one of the top digital marketing channels available to today's marketer.

Personalization is crucial to any good email marketing campaign; creating emails that work means sending them to the right person at the right time. Being in your customer's inbox means they trust you and have let you into their world. At the same time, overloading your customer with too much information can result in unwanted unsubscribes. Not only does this course teach you how to avoid the email marketers worst nightmare of unsubscribes, but you'll be guided through a myriad of topics in order to make your email marketing campaigns a huge success.

*Please note, if you are taking this class as part of the St. Louis University Certificate requirements, there is a $500 fee to claim your certificate once you have completed ALL requirements.

Building an email list
Offering incentives to increase signups
Deciding on a format for emails
How to send valuable offers that work
The secret art of creating a winning headline
Managing bounced and blocked email
Evaluating email click-through data
Automating email marketing
Create, deploy and optimize any email marketing campaign with success
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Course Outline

1. Understanding the Possibilities of Email Marketing

  • History and evolution of email marketing
  • Email Marketing defined
  • Using email in your marketing mix
  • Reaping the benefits of email marketing

2. Email Marketing Basics

  • The key components of an email marketing plan
  • An introduction to lists and other key concepts
  • Common definitions in email marketing
  • How to easily define your email marketing goals
  • What you need to know to succeed

LAB: Developing email marketing goals

3. CAN SPAM Laws & Permissions

  • Why permission is the foundation of any successful campaign
  • Becoming a trusted sender
  • Understanding the role of the ISP in deliverability
  • Developing email content in accordance with consumer interaction
  • How to minimize Spam complaints

4. Understanding Email Service Providers

  • Intro to ESP's
  • Feature sets of different ESPs and what is right for you
  • How to determine appropriate costs of email marketing
  • Fully managed ESP solutions

5. Designing an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

  • How to come up with broad based objectives
  • Narrowing your overall objectives and organizing your content
  • Determining the proper format of your emails
  • Branding your emails to enhance your image
  • Text emails vs image emails
  • How to handle unsubscribes

6. Building an Email List & Maintaining Your Database

  • Where and how to collect contact information
  • Deciding on what information to collect
  • Offering incentives to signup
  • Understanding the different types of email lists
  • Building vs buying your email list
  • Scrubbing your lists

7. Creating Actionable Email Content

  • How to make sure your offers are valuable
  • Writing an effective call to action
  • Finding help with content creation
  • Giving your email content inherent value

8. Form & Subject lines That Get Noticed

  • Understanding email headers
  • Filling out the from line
  • Using your email address for identity
  • How to write the best subject lines for higher CTRs
  • How to avoid subject lines that look like spam

LAB: Writing effective headlines

9. Measuring Your Campaigns

  • Learn the essential types of campaign metrics to track
  • How to track interactions
  • Calculating your ROI, AOV and other important KPI's
  • Google Analytics tagging and integration efforts

10. The Technical Side of Email Marketing

  • Triggered and automated campaigns
  • Introduction to A/B testing in email
  • Introduction to timing and frequency
  • Ongoing dialog strategies
Who should attend
  • Small business owners
  • Marketers
  • Product or agency professionals
  • Communication specialists
  • Directors
  • Any individual seeking to break into online marketing