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Modern SharePoint and Office 365 Development Boot Camp

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4 Days Live Online
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This four-day Modern SharePoint and Office 365 Development training class teaches attendees how to create custom solutions for SharePoint Online and Office 365 using modern developer tools and today’s best practice techniques.

Students learn in-depth about the SharePoint Framework and dive into TypeScript, Node.js, NPM, Gulp, Webpack, Visual Studio Code, and the React.js library. In addition, this class covers Power BI Embedding, Microsoft Teams, Azure Functions, and SharePoint Webhooks.

In this Course, You Will Learn How to:

Develop with Node.js and Visual Studio Code
Develop SPAs with React and JSX/TSX
Work with the SharePoint Framework
Use React Web Parts
Package and Deploy SharePoint Framework Solutions
Program with the Microsoft Graph API
Embed Power BI Report using SPFX Web Parts
Create Secure Applications with Azure Active Directory
Develop for Microsoft Teams
Use Azure Functions
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Course Outline

Part 1: Introduction to Modern Software Development

  1. Understanding SharePoint Online Development Strategies
  2. Programming the Client-side Object Model (CSOM)
  3. Understanding Microsoft Azure as a Development Platform
  4. Using Microsoft Azure to create Web Apps and SQL Databases
  5. Developing with TypeScript and Interfaces in Visual Studio 2017
  6. Client-side Development using Interfaces and Strongly-typed Programming


Part 2:  Developing with Node.js and Visual Studio Code

  1. Introduction to Node.JS and NPM
  2. Installing and Updating Packages in Visual Studio Code
  3. Adding TypeScript Support to a Node.js Project
  4. Configuring a Node.js Project with Server-side Debugging Support
  5. Using Gulp to Automate Running Development Tasks
  6. Developing Projects using Webpack


Part 3:  Developing SPAs with React and JSX/TSX

  1. Creating a Single Page Application using React.js, TypeScript and Webpack
  2. Designing a React Component Hierarchy using Properties and State
  3. Using JSX/TSX Syntax in a React Component to Generate HTML
  4. Understanding the Lifecycle Methods of a React Component
  5. Calling Across the Network from a React Component using the Fetch API
  6. Extending a React Project with the React Router and Multiple Views


Part 4:  Introduction to the SharePoint Framework

  1. Creating SPFX Projects using the Yeoman Generator
  2. Testing and Debugging Projects in the local SharePoint Workbench
  3. Creating Application Customizers, Field Customizers and Command Sets.
  4. Creating a Web Part with Custom Properties
  5. Managing Styles using SCSS Files and CSS Modules
  6. Testing and Debugging Projects in the hosted SharePoint Workbench


Part 5:  Developing React Web Parts

  1. Designing and Developing React Web Parts
  2. Synchronizing Web Part Properties with React Component State
  3. Leveraging Standard UI Components from the Office UI Fabric React Library
  4. Developing Web Parts using the SharePoint REST API
  5. Designing Web Parts to Create and Manage SharePoint Lists
  6. Displaying a Loading Indicator When Calling Across the Network


Part 6:  Packaging and Deploying SharePoint Framework Solutions

  1. Creating the App Catalog Site in SharePoint Online
  2. Packaging SPFX Solutions for Production
  3. Packaging Third-Party JavaScript Libraries as External References
  4. Customizing the SPFX Build Process with Gulp and Webpack
  5. Publishing and Updating SPFX Solutions in the App Catalog
  6. Installing an SPFX Solution in a SharePoint Site


Part 7:  Programming with the Microsoft Graph API

  1. Overview of Microsoft Graph API
  2. Programming with AadHttpClient and MSGraphClient
  3. Configuring an SPFX Solution with API Permission Requests
  4. Granting API Permissions in the SharePoint Admin Center
  5. Creating Users and Groups in Azure AD
  6. Programming Messages and Calendar Events in Exchange Online


Part 8:  Embedding Power BI Report using SPFX Web Parts

  1. Introducing Power BI and the Power BI Service API
  2. Calling the Power BI Service API using AadHttpClient
  3. Overview of the Embedding Features in Power BI
  4. Retrieving Embedding Data using the Power BI Service API
  5. Using the Power BI JavaScript API to Embed Reports and Dashboards
  6. Writing Client-side Code to Interact with an Embedded Report


Part 9:  Developing Secure Applications with Azure Active Directory

  1. Understanding OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect
  2. The Role of Azure Active Directory
  3. Creating and Configuring Azure AD Applications
  4. Understanding Application Permissions vs. Delegated Permissions
  5. Programming Authentication Flows for Azure Active Directory
  6. Securing MVC Applications using ADAL.NET and OWIN
  7. Securing SPAs using ADAL.js and the Implicit Grant Flow


Part 10:  Developing for Microsoft Teams

  1. Understanding the Microsoft Teams Service, Teams and Channels
  2. Developing Microsoft Team Apps with Tabs, Bots and Connectors
  3. Developing a Teams App using App Studio
  4. Developing a Teams App using Visual Studio and C#
  5. Developing a Teams App using Node.js and the Microsoft Teams JavaScript Client SDK
  6. Packaging and Publishing a Microsoft Teams App


Part 11:  Developing with Azure Functions

  1. Introduction to Developing with Azure Functions
  2. Creating and Testing Azure Functions in the Azure Portal
  3. Using Azure Functions to Create a Custom Web API
  4. Configuring Security and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  5. Calling Azure Functions from SharePoint Framework Web Parts
  6. Developing Azure Function using Visual Studio, C# and the SharePoint CSOM


Part 12:  Developing Webhooks for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams

  1. Understanding Webhooks Architecture
  2. Creating Azure Functions to Serve as SharePoint Webhooks
  3. Registering Azure Function Webhooks on a SharePoint List
  4. Programming Azure Functions using the Webhook Callback Protocol
  5. Registering Webhooks using the Microsoft Graph API
  6. Using Webhooks to Detect Changes to Users, Groups, Messages and Events



Who should attend

Experienced developers who want to start building solutions with SharePoint Framework, including:

  • IT Developers
  • Web Developers
  • SharePoint Administrators
  • Office 365 Developers
  • Database Administrators and Developers
  • Technical professionals with development experience

Note:  Attendees should have professional development experience with Visual Studio, JavaScript, C#, the .NET Framework and ASP.NET.


Attendees should have professional development experience with Visual Studio, JavaScript, C#, the .NET Framework and ASP.NET.


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