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Online Lead Generation Boot Camp

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Properly constructing landing pages and fine tuning your website can increase the leads and sales you drive through your email, SEO, SEM/PPC, social media and other campaigns. Writing effective headlines and web copy is another vital part of your conversion optimization process. Finally, through simple architectural changes on your website, you can improve your ecommerce sales and double your conversions in the process.

In this course, we will focus on a multitude of variables, including optimization of your PPC, Email and Landing Page campaigns as well as exploring the psychology of when and why a user buys online. This course provides you with the information necessary to understand and master the online lead generation process. You will learn to generate more leads by: understanding why some landing pages work and others don't, implementing the perfect landing page, and using Google Website Optimizer and other tools to effectively test your landing page elements and how they impact your conversion goals.

You will leave this course with a commanding level of landing page optimization knowledge that you can incorporate into your current online marketing campaigns.

*Please note, if you are taking this class as part of the St. Louis University Certificate requirements, there is a $500 fee to claim your certificate once you have completed ALL requirements.

The top 3 reasons why the lead generation forms on your website are not getting filled out and how to fix them.
How to calculate your traffic's sales potential and how to translate that into an increase in overall revenue.
How to identify different customer personality types and how each approaches online buying decisions differently.
How to write the perfect headline and ad copy.
The differences between A/B Testing and Multi-variate testing and how to increase revenue and save money by implementing these methodologies.
What elements of a page to test and the appropriate testing methodology to use, in order to maximize revenue.
How to prioritize changes to your website by letting the data guide your decisions.
Build a testing roadmap and understand how to increase online lead generation for each service or product that they offer.
How to avoid pitfalls of multivariate testing and when it's appropriate to move into this type of methodology.
Leave with a 90- day action plan for increasing leads and sales in their organization.
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Course Outline

I. Types of Online Lead Generations

  • Learn what constitutes a lead (conversion) based on analytic data.
  • Learn the different types of leads in a conversion funnel.
  • How social and search differ when it comes to conversion.
  • Learn how to drive offline leads to online sales.

II. Landing Page Basics – How To Build The Perfect Landing Page

  • Learn the real landing page definition and how it's used in conversion optimization.
  • Understand the different types of landing pages and where they are used.
  • Learn how to increase email address captures with the right landing pages.
  • Learn what to avoid when creating a landing page.
  • Understand how to build trust and motivate users to perform your call to action.

III. Understanding Customers Personality Types

  • Understand different persona types and how they buy.
  • Learn how personas are representations of market segments.
  • Understand the filters we use to make our buying decisions online.
  • Learn how emotional triggers are used in conversion optimization.

IV. Writing for the Web and Conversion

  • Learn index page conversion techniques to create your funnel using optimal content.
  • Learn the fundamental rules for writing web copy that sells.
  • Understand web copy do's and don'ts as it pertains to conversion optimization.
  • Learn the 5 simple questions you must ask when writing your web copy for conversions.
  • Understand the psychological motivators behind good web copy.
  • Understand the "opt-in" copy techniques to gain more email addresses.

V. Introduction to Testing and The Testing Cycle

  • Learn how to use and implement Google Website Optimizer.
  • Learn the different types of testing and how to implement them.
  • Understand where these types of testing work best, (i.e. landing pages, email marketing, etc).
  • Understand controls plus creative's and how to manage the process. Introduction to A/B Testing

VI. A/B Testing: Basic & Advanced Testing Topics

  • Overall definition of A/B testing and how it directly ties into your conversion goals.
  • Learn how to develop a testing framework in your marketing efforts.
  • Understand the treatments of a conversion optimization process.
  • Understanding randomization and its adverse effects in conversion optimization.
  • Understand statistical analysis and A/B Testing.
Who should attend

If you are responsible for generating leads, Web site development, sales or the financial success of your company, you should attend. Anyone who touches the sales process will experience immediate results.

  • Web Designers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Company management