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Spring 3.x and the Web

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Spring 3.x and the Web is a three day in-depth course geared for experienced Java and Spring developers who need to understand how to use Spring in conjunction with the various technologies used in and supporting rich web interfaces. The course covers a wide spectrum of topics, so students should have a basic understanding of those technologies and resources prior to taking this class. This course is a key component in our comprehensive Spring Framework Training Series.

Core Spring Framework (including Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, and Aspect-Oriented Programming)
Spring and Persistence (including Spring DAOs, Transactions, and working with JDBC or Hibernate)
Spring Views and Rich Interfaces (working with Spring MVC, Spring WebFlow, Ajax, Struts, or JSF)
Spring Security (including interceptors, authentication managers, access decision managers, and filters)
Spring Integration (powerful framework for implementing message-based workflows)
Spring and Java Messaging Services (working with JMS)
Spring Enterprise Services (working with JNDI, Timers, JMX, and batch)
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Course Outline

Session:  Spring MVC In-Depth

Lesson: Spring MVC Review

Lesson: HandlerMapping

Lesson: Controllers

Lesson: Validation

Lesson: HandlerInterceptors

Lesson: Views

Lesson: Spring's form Tag Library

    • Spring MVC Review
    • Spring MVC application Layers
    • Request Life Cycle in Spring MVC
    • HandlerMapping
    • Controllers
    • Interceptors
    • ViewResolver
    • Mapping URLs to Controllers
    • HandlerMapping Interface
    • RequestMapping Annotation
    • Mapping Requests
    • Custom Handler Mapping
    • Spring MVC's Controller Hierarchy
    • How to Select a Controller
    • Controller Interface
    • Controller annotation
    • Form Controllers
    • Handling Exceptions
    • Testing Controllers
    • Types of Validators
    • Validator Interface
    • Controller with Validator
    • Errors Interface
    • JSR-303 Bean Validation API
    • Injecting a Validator
    • HandlerInterceptor Lifecycle Points
    • LocaleChangeInterceptor
    • UserRoleAuthorizationInterceptor
    • WebContentInterceptor
    • ViewResolvers
    • ViewResolver Hierarchy
    • View Processing
    • Chaining ViewResolvers
    • Integrating View Technologies
    • The Spring Form tags
    • Using a PropertyEditor
    • Survey of form tags

Session: Spring Web Flow

Lesson: Spring WebFlows

    • Spring WebFlows Components
    • Configuring Spring WebFlows
    • WebFlow FlowExecutor
    • Triggering an Event
    • Subflows

Session:  Spring and Struts

Lesson: Spring and Struts

    • Struts and "Model 2" (MVC)
    • Spring and Struts
    • Spring's DelegationRequestProcessor
    • DI on Action Classes

Session: Testing in Spring

Lesson: Unit Testing and Spring

Lesson: Testing Spring Web Applications

    • Spring Can Make Testing Much Easier
    • Spring Supports Spring-Specific Tests
    • Testing a SpringMVC Controller
    • Creating Request and Response Objects
    • Streamlining Your Assertions
    • Unit Testing a Spring-MVC Web Application

Session: Spring Security Framework

Lesson: Enterprise Spring Security

Lesson: Spring Web Security

    • Spring Security Framework
    • Security Interceptors – Function and Types
    • Performing Authentication
    • Wiring in Encoders and Salts
    • Access Decision Managers
    • Votes and Voters
    • Spring Security Works by Interception
    • Securing a Web page
    • The Standard Set of Filters
    • Using Spring Security with Spring Beans
    • SecurityContextHolder

Session: Implementing REST with Spring (Optional)

Lession: Overview of REST

Lesson: RESTful Services in Spring

Lesson: RESTful Clients in Spring

    • REpresentational State Transfer
    • REST Characteristics
    • REST Elements
    • REST Architectural Principles
    • REST and HTTP
    • REST/HTTP: Representation-Oriented
    • REST Design Principles
    • Spring Support for REST
    • Spring's Parameter Injection
    • Handling Transformations in Spring
    • Negotiated view-based rendering
    • HTTP Message Converters
    • Spring's Hidden Method Field
    • Processing Incoming REST Requests
    • Spring's Support for REST Clients
    • Performing GET Requests and Other Methods

Session: Spring and Ajax

Lesson: Ajax Review

Lesson: XMLHttpRequestObject (XHR) Mechanics

Lesson: Spring AJAX with DWR

    • Ajax Basics
    • The Purpose of Ajax
    • Traditional Web Application
    • Ajax Web Application
    • Creating an XMLHttpRequest Object
    • Using an XMLHttpRequest Object
    • Asynchronous -vs- Synchronous Requests
    • Handling the Response
    • DWR Mechanics
    • DWR communication
    • DWR Clients
    • Spring and DWR Configuration
    • Configuring DWR and Spring
    • Spring DWR Client html
Who should attend

This an intermediate level and beyond Java/Spring training course, designed for developers who need to understand how and when to use Spring applications with the web. Attendees should have practical basic Java development experience as well as an understanding of the Spring framework. 

  • Spring 3.x Essentials or Mastering the Spring 3.x Framework
  • Mastering Java for OO Developers

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