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Spring 3.x Essentials

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Spring 3.x Essentials is a three-day hands-on Spring training course geared for experienced Java developers who need to understand what the Spring Framework is in terms of today's systems and architectures, and how to use Spring in conjunction with other technologies and frameworks. It includes complete coverage of all new features in Spring 3.x.

Explain the issues associated with complex frameworks such as JEE and how Spring addresses those issues
Understand the relationships between Spring and JEE, AOP, IOC, JDBC, Hibernate, JSF, Struts, JMS, and EJBs
Discuss the challenges to adopting Spring
Write applications that take advantage of the Spring container and the declarative nature of assembling simple components into applications
Understand what the Spring Expression Language brings to the table and how to use it
Understand and work with various options for integrating persistence into a Spring application including the recently incorporated Object XML Mapping (OXM) functionality
Work with Spring's support for transactions
Understand and work with various options for integrating view-oriented frameworks for web applications into Spring
Understand what the SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) provides in supporting advanced Spring development
Optionally work with the STS and SpringSource's tc Server
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Course Outline

Session:  Introduction to the Spring 3.x

Lesson: The Spring Framework

Lesson: Spring Beans and Advanced Configuration

    • The Benefits of Spring
    • Spring Architecture
    • Dependency Injection
    • Spring DI Container
    • Advanced Bean Creation Using Factories
    • Spring's Pre-built Factory Beans
    • PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
    • Custom Property Editors
    • Bean Post-Processors

Session: Persistence in Spring

Lesson: Overview of Spring's Data Access

Lesson: Spring JDBC

    • DAO Implementations
    • Transaction Support
    • Declarative Annotations
    • JdbcDaoSupport - JDBC DAO Implementation
    • The jdbcTemplate
    • Exception Handling
    • Operation Classes

Session:  Spring Views

Lesson: SpringMVC

    • The DispatcherServlet
    • Workflow of Request Handling
    • Using Handler Mappings
    • ModelAndView and View
    • ViewResolvers
    • Controllers
    • The Spring Form tags

Session: AOP in Spring

Lesson: Spring AOP

    • Aspect Oriented Programming
    • Cross Cutting Concerns
    • Spring's AOP in a Nutshell
    • The Three Technologies of "Weaving"
    • Spring Advice Types

Session: SpringSource Tool Suite (optional)

Lesson: SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) Overview

    • Introduction to STS
    • STS Layout
    • Java EE Support
    • Spring Support
    • Support for Creating and Building Config Files
Who should attend

This is an intermediate-level Spring 3.x training course, designed for developers who need to understand how and when to use Spring in Java and JEE applications. Attendees should have practical basic Java development experience. 


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